Friday, October 22, 2010

Yes, No, Maybe...

This afternoon, I got a bit of sad news. I don't remember if I ever posted about my maternal grandma on here. She's 99. She had a stroke recently and has taken a turn for the worse.

I don't know how/why, but my mom and I have some kind of ESP type connection. And EVERY time she has called to tell me something that's not-so-good, I always get this feeling when the phone rings. I got that feeling today. I was at lunch with my friends, but I didn't take the call. I listened to her message on the way back to work, and like I thought, it was not good info.

It's a wonder I got any work done this afternoon, because my mind was all over the place. I talked to LDR and let him know what was going on. He was his usual supportive self, and once again I counted my blessings in regard to him.

I left work around 5:20, as I promised a co-worker that she could have some of the boxes I still had in my storage area from when I moved 2 years ago. (Yeah. The storage area is not as organized as my closet.) She followed me home and I gave her the boxes. We chatted for a bit, and then she left.

I came in the apartment and it was just silent. I set about straightening up the kitchen and trying to keep myself occupied. Then I hear the phone. A text message. Gotta love Blackberry with the difference in the tones.

I pick it up and it's LDR. It says:
Will you "go with me?" Yes, No, or Maybe? *wink*

That made me chuckle. Yesterday we were talking about how folks used to say that back in elementary and junior high, and how we used to 'quit' each other. What the heck did we know about going with and quitting each other back then? Not a darn thing!

I sent him back a reply and said "YES!" He replied, "Figured you could use a smile."


I definitely needed a smile. And he provided it. And I didn't even have to ask.


Neev said...

Is this the Grandmother that recently had the birthday? In any case I hope your family will find peace and have strength in whatever happens.
Yall 2 are a mess! That was cute :) I love how he does the little things to keep you happy.

Christie said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmom. It's nice that you have LDR in your life to make you smile even when things are not so good. Seriously, Indian themed wedding, I'm so there.

Marilie said...

Neev - nope, that was my paternal grandma, her birthday was in August - she turned 98. My maternal grandma's birthday was back in May.

Yeah, somehow he always knows when I'm at the peak of stress. :)

Hey Christie - we're keeping the Indian wedding theme in mind. Grandma has had a long, full life. I just hope she is not in too much pain. :(