Monday, October 11, 2010


During this hiatus, I've been challenging myself to do different things. For the last two weeks it has been to work out at least 6 of 7 days per week. Since I found the Cardio Funkytown class, that has been a breeze.

This week, I'm working on getting my water intake back up. I would like to get at least 3 liters per day. I'm just about finished with my 2nd liter for the day. I will refill the bottle and start on the 3rd liter during lunch.

I also want to increase my vegetable intake. As I'm reading further into "The pH Miracle," I don't know if I'm ready for the restrictive nature of this eating plan. But it is sort of common sense to cut sugar intake and increase veggie intake, if you want to feel better, etc. I don't know if I'll ever be able to truly alkalize. I'm still working on trying to be a healthier me.

How much water do you normally drink per day? If you don't drink a lot of water, what are the road blocks to increasing your intake?


LadyLee said...

Wassup Oldgirl. I miss ya on the Twitter. *fat crocodile tears*

With my condition, having a plant based diet has done wonders. So I plan on sticking to that. I ebb and I flow, but it's becoming a stronghold. That's all I can ask for.

As for water, my goal is a gallon a day. Rarely hit that, but I always get at least 3/4 gallons a day. I cut out most of my fruity drinks/sodas about 6 years ago, so I just naturally prefer water now.

Marilie said...

Hey Lee! I'm trying to increase veggie a big ol' plate of steamed broccoli and green beans sitting here right now.

In this particular book/dietary plan, sugar is sugar, so they really don't give you much in the way of fruit. I love fruit. I'm looking at the meals they have listed and they're talking about veggies and veggie soup for breakfast. I guess that's why it seems radical to me. A sistah can't have a fruit smoothie?? ::cries::

I ultimately do want to just eat more veggies as a way of life, but the whole pH diet might be a bit much for me right now.

Neev said...

Gio must be on that diet...veggies only, no meat, and only pears & peaches for now....
As for my water intake -non-existant. but I do want to get back to the 2 liters I drank while nursing

Marilie said...

Girl, with Gio's food allergies, poor baby! I guess that's good in a way. Helping him develop good flora/bacteria early on.

You can get back to those 2 liters. I have faith in you. :) I got my 3 in today. Just finished a little while ago.

Christie said...

I have no idea how much water I drink. I carry around a 32oz bottle and keep refilling it. Water is my drink of choice. I don't drink soda, and juice is extremely rare. So if I'm not drinking water, I'm dehydrated because I don't really drink anything else.

Neev said...

Oh! speaking of flora, the dr OK'd probiotics for him! She also said for me to keep you friends that are recommending all of these natural remedies!
Right now his nickname is "Teethin Vegan"...he is allergic to grains also :(

Marilie said...

Grains, too? Oh my goodness. Is there a food left that he hasn't been tested for? LOL @ Teethin' Vegan. Who came up with that?

Neev said...

I did...DUH! LOL
I'm not week he going to an allergist. The RAST blood test can give false positives, next step is skin testing.