Thursday, October 14, 2010

2011 - The Year of Minimalism

I've got to get my spending under control and reduce debt. This year I was just all over the place. The trip to Vegas, Jazz Fest with my sisters, my trip to NY...just too much going on. Add to that extraneous spending on dumb, yeah.

Next year is going to be really minimal. I'm already warning my friends and family. Ain't no extras. I will probably register for very few races, if any. I'm not going to be doing a lot of extra traveling or eating out. It's time to get this mess under control!

LDR and I were discussing random wedding plans (no, we're not engaged - yet) last night and I told him whatever it is, it has to be SIMPLE because I don't have the cash to be throwing some extravaganza. Somewhere in that convo, two tired and delirious people were discussing dancing like Turbo and Ozone at the reception...and something about a dress with fall colors. Which I don't know why 'cause he knows my favorite color is blue so he just needs to get with the program. :lol:

So, anyway...I give my blog friends/TwitterFriends/FBFriends permission to go slap off on me if I'm talking about shoes and clothes and a bunch of stuff that are wants and not NEEDS. Really. Just go slap off. Cuss me out. Well, not on FB 'cause my nieces and nephews are on my friends list. But you know what I mean.

My last hurrah for 2010 is the Frankie Beverly concert at the end of this month in VA with my sister (I already paid cash for the ticket) and my trip home to NY for Thanksgiving.

After that, I'm in chill mode. I feel like, if I type it here, y'all will hold me accountable. So, yeah. That's what I'm doing. :)


Neev said...

I am with you on this one! I feel more cyber-motivation coming on!!! I have a degree in finance and can eff up money in a minute. I have a goal to save 10k in 2011, 7k minimum. I also want to move and get a new job (extra busy I know).
As for the wedding JoP w/fam and a BBQ after! That was on my short list!

Marilie said...

Move out of state, or just to a different city in that state? Good luck with your savings goal! :)

Neev said...

Moving to where the money is good with a good school system and affordable rent!
I was thinking about a civilian job with DFAS.IDK But I've already told myself that this time next year I'm out of that casino and moved to my new job.

MzInspiredMind81 said...

It would be cool if we got a blogland/Twitter savings club or something together. I definitely need an accountability partner. I have some pretty lofty goals for 2011 and they won't happen if I don't tighten up. I'm on board w/ you.

Marilie said...

I'm going to do what I can as far as savings, but honestly I'm focused on paying down debt 'cause I'd be paying more interest on the debt than I'd be earning with the money in savings. Once I get the debt to a more reasonable level, I'll be able to build up savings more. Sigh. I will do better in 2011, lol

Ieisha said...

I know how you feel. Next year will be the year I reenter society as a lawyer with a load of student loan debt that I am dead set on getting under control. Plus, I want to take Buddha to Disney and I want to pay cash for that trip so I will be hammering out a budget shortly.

Marilie said...

I know you are psyched to be finishing law school! And Buddha would definitely love a trip to see "The Big Rat," as my friend Ron likes to call Mickey. You can do it! :)