Friday, October 15, 2010

Gotta Love Rewards

Happy Friday!

I logged in to to pay my bill, and decided to see how many points I've earned on my Free.dom card.

Now, the history on this card is that it USED to be my beloved Duetto Visa. Those bamas discontinued the program. The hawra! I pay my rent, cell phone, power bill, and cable bill on that card and then pay it off after the statement cuts. So I was earning myself a nice little treat at Starbucks every now and then.

Imagine my face when I got that notice in the mail that they were discontinuing the program, and converting my card into a Free.dom card. Um. What the deuce? I want my Duetto Dollars! :::shedding a tear now at the memory:::

Sigh. So anywho, the rewards points have been building up, but I honestly haven't been paying them much attention. 'Cause you usually need about 1 billion points before you can get anything decent. Like with the airline miles. That's some shullbit.

Today, I checked the balance. Say word? :::goes shopping at Some time in the next 7-10 days I should be receiving $75 in gift cards to use at O.ld N.avy. I needed some new jeans, so that will come in handy. And all from paying my bills.

Happy Friday indeed! Well, except for the part where I paid my bills online and my account balance will be awefully anemic by the time all the monies are withdrawn. Oh well. Still happy! :lol:


MzInspiredMind81 said...

I used to have a Chase acct and that's one thing I absolutely LOVED about it. I stayed getting gift cards for Old Navy, Starbucks,and the like. I have USBank now and their program is pretty ok too.

Marilie said...

I'm so happy I'm going to get some jeans and I won't have to spend any money! I was going to send myself a Starbucks gift card, but then i decided I need jeans more. My workouts are building up the muscle in my legs, and I'm apparently not losing much fat (boooo), so I need some more comfy jeans. It'd be even more awesome if I can catch them having a sale. LOL

Anonymous said...

My card gives me cash back on the first of each month. I wish it wouldn't. Do you think I even notice that $20 each month? Hell naw. But if it saved it all up and sent me $250 in gift cards at the end of the year I'd LOVE it!

Marilie said...

I think there was an option where I could convert the points into cash, but I'm sure it wasn't as good a deal as just getting the gift cards.

And now, I'm down to 205 points. So I guess it'll be a minute before I get more gift cards. Those two cost me over 6K points. :/ LOL