Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've got a pretty awesome boyfriend. After all the duds I've been through, I really should be shouting it from the mountain tops. But I'll shout it from the blog, for now.

If you've been reading, you know my dad gave us all a scare with his ruptured ulcer. He was in the hospital for about 4 days. The first 2 were in the ICU. He was discharged home and should be starting back up with the chemo soon for his stomach cancer.

I was talking to him over the weekend, asking how everything was going. We talked about what was going on at the church I grew up in, etc. The same stuff we usually talk about. Then he tried to get me with the okie doke. :lol:

Me: LDR wants to stop by and say hi, and he said he wanted to bring you some food. What kind of diet do they have you on since you left the hospital?

Dad: Well...I can pretty much eat a regular diet, just have to be careful about how much I eat.

Me: OK. Well what kind of food would you like him to bring?

Dad: Some soul food would be good...or maybe some ox tails.

Me: (thinking, bingo! LDR's dad has a Jamaican restaurant, ox tails - no problemo!) Well I'll let LDR know, and he'll probably stop by his dad's restaurant on one of his days off. Make sure you answer the phone when he calls.

Fast forward to yesterday. LDR sends me a text that he called my dad but he didn't answer. I told him to make sure to leave a message, because sometimes my dad won't answer if he doesn't recognize the number.

In the mean time, my oldest brother sends me a text asking me a question about my XM radio in the car. So I ask him if my dad has any appointments this week, because LDR is trying to reach him and he's not answering.

My brother's response: "Yeah, he had to have another transfusion today as his red blood cell count was a little low still. As far as the ox tails go, he still can only eat soft and non-seasoned foods for now... "

As Serenity would say, insert :::record scratching sound::: here!

Um...what? Dad, didn't I ask you what your diet was?!? A mess! I knew I should have called my mom! What in the world? Pulling the freakin' okie doke! All I can do is laugh, and be glad that divine intervention stopped him from getting those dang ox tails.

So, instead, LDR went and got him some of the protein shakes that he SHOULD be drinking, to help get his weight back up. He went by there to day and sat and talked with my Dad a little while.

I don't think he understands how much this really means to me. I can't be there, so it's like another connection for me with my dad. He thinks it's just nothing, and I'm sure it's not out of the way for him because they live relatively close. He's happy to do it. I don't really think he understands how much my whole family appreciates his efforts.

All in a day's work for Mr. LDR. I think, if I had asked people I dated in the past, if they could stop by or take something over to my Dad, I'm sure they would have. But I've never asked him to do anything. He always volunteers to do things without prompting. I honestly think, if one my brothers was unable to take my Dad to chemo on a Thursday, that LDR would just take him. Never mind that he'd be just getting off work and wouldn't have had any sleep. Never mind that the infusion takes quite a few hours. He'd take him, stay there the whole time, and bring him home safely. And it would be no big deal.

How the heck did I get so lucky?? :)


MzInspiredMind81 said...

Awww! This post brought tears to my eyes. Yall know that I'm emo! LOL. You got so lucky b/c you're a good person. Good things come to good people! :)

Marilie said...

Awwww, thanks! I guess I just had to wait patiently, and stop expecting him to show up in a certain mold/package.

Neev said...

I'm just gonna say this I LOVE LDR!!! He is the bomb digitty, the shiznats, the jam easter...all uh dat! I'm so happy for you :-)

Serenity3-0 said...

You got lucky b/c you went thru the bootcamp of "dating" and you passed! And my azz is still on the first challenge!

Marilie said...

Oh, I had to re-do several bootcamp challenges. Don't forget about E, the two time loser...we won't even talk about the ATL dating scene...LOL! Or the Que who couldn't make up his mind...the list goes on and on. LOL!