Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One More Thing

Just had to share this. Bogey last night, sleeping on her "bed" - which is a towel that she has commandeered and made her own. Once she started that kneading crap and tore up the towel, it became hers. I'm ok with parting with it. :lol:

Look at that "woe is me face." Really? You just eat, play, sleep, poop, beg for treats, beg to go out on the balcony, and wake me up too early on weekends. But it's a hard knock life, huh.

Oh, and she's scared of the ceiling fan in my bedroom. This cat is just weird! But she's mine.


Anonymous said...

I heart cats. They're so sweet. And sooooo much easier than my high maintenance pups!

Marilie said...

My aunt had the cutest cocker spaniel pups ever in life when I was visiting her back in August. I just couldn't, though. I'm not home enough during the week. I wouldn't be able to walk them and scoop poop and train them and all that other stuff. LIke this weekend, with me having to leave for the funeral. All I have to do is call my friend Steph, who has the key to my place. I will leave her some gas $ and she will check in on Bogey each day, clean her littler box, play with her, and make sure food and water is in check. I love it. With a dog, I'd be trying to find someone to keep him/her, or someplace to board the dog. Too much.