Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Outside The Box

Some things, I generally do like everyone else. Other things, I like to step outside of the box and do my own way.

Yesterday, LDR and I were talking about about weddings again. More specifically, what we would want to do. Now, my favorite color is blue. Has been forever. For some reason he is stuck on fall colors. I DO like fall colors. It's my favorite season. There's nothing like a decor with burgundy, green, yellow, and burnt orange, put together in the right combination. But would I want that for my wedding?

At one point he emailed me this blog link. I'm not sure which dress or outfit he was looking at, but this one caught my eye:

I thought the color combo was really pretty. I started looking up other Indian wedding attire and really liked what I saw. Of course, their traditional wedding color is red. I don't know that I'd want red, but I guess it would depend on the shade of red.

I thought this website had some pretty things as well, such as this dress:

I don't want my belly out, though. I guess I'd have to learn how to wrap the sari.

Anywho, just some things I was thinking about. I just know I'm not wearing white.

Speaking of, do you know why people started wearing white dresses? It's probably not what you think. Unless you're a history major/history buff, then you probably already know the answer. If not, read here.

Happy Wednesday!

ETA: I forgot to mention, LDR said he would wear sherwani if I went this route. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. :)


This One Woman said...

Girrrl. I LOVE Indian saris and the combination and richness of the colors. They are so beautiful. I personally think this would be a wonderful choice.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I'll save my predictions of when you'll be engaged for a later time but... LOL! I adore these colors and the saris. Indian women sure know how to play up their beauty with vibrant color combinations. Whatever you two decide, I'm sure it'll be lovely ;-)

Christie said...

If y'all do Indian food and music too, I'm inviting myself to your wedding :P

Marilie said...

@aunaptural - I agree! I love the concept of the saris and the beautiful colors.

@Christie - I think the Indian food would be pretty awesome, and given that LDR is pescatarian and loves spicy food, I know he'd be on board. Our families would probably be like, "what the deuce? Where's the fried chicken?" LOL!

Neev said...

I love this idea!