Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dads and Daughters

On Sunday I talked to my dad for about 2 hours. He's not big on talking on the phone, but we usually end up talking for a couple of hours because we don't talk every week. We have to catch up on the goings on of life for each one of us. I hear different things from my mom and my brothers, but I like to get things directly from the horse's mouth as well.

He told me that at his last doctor's appointment his scans/tests were good, and so far the cancer has not tried to come back. He said, "I don't know what the reason is, but I guess The Lord needed me to stay here and do more." So I jokingly told him, "well one day your youngest daughter might actually get married! I need you here to walk me down the aisle - duh!" We had a good chuckle about that. He said he was speaking with someone at church and he said he guessed that his oldest (my brother T) and his youngest (which would be me) have given up on being married.

So I told him, I haven't given up, but the game has changed significantly, even since my sisters and my other brother got married. You can't marry just anybody. I don't want to get married and then 2 years later I'm separated or divorced. I don't want to jump the broom for all the wrong reasons. I really haven't even told my dad any of the dating horror stories, and I didn't want to get into specifics, because I don't want him up there worrying and upset. I just told him to "keep hope alive." We talked about how men were back in his day, how they looked at the responsibility of marriage, as opposed to how it is today. I'm glad for the strides we've made as a society, but some things we need to take it back to old school. I'm tired of seeing my female friends working it out in every area of their lives EXCEPT relationships! What is the deal? I know several intelligent, funny, witty, smart and caring women who keep getting their hearts chewed on by these bamas out here. It just seems so unfair.

One place we could start is the father-daughter relationship. Even if it's not her biological father, I think it's just as important for girls to have their fathers as it is for boys. You really need a male role model. Someone who can show you what a man is supposed to do, how he should act, and how he should treat a woman. I am a member of a particular discussion board on FB. One member posted a question about whether it better to not have a father at all, or to have one and know him, even though he might be a mess. I don't really know the answer to that one. I saw posts supporting both sides. My dad has been in my life all my life. Not all of those years have been good. He's been dealing with his own demons, and when I moved down here, part of me felt like I had finally "escaped" from that.

I got here when I was 24. It took me until I was about 30 to finally say, this is my dad - take him or leave him. He loves me. Things in the past cannot be changed. I can sit here and be mad at him, or I can just try to move forward from now. Since then, our relationship has gotten progressively better. He'll be an "alcoholic" forever - once you get that title it doesn't go away. BUT, since he got sick, he can't drink like that now. I love my dad and always have, but I really LIKE my sober dad! Yeah, I may be in my 30s, but now I can really learn some things from him and I love hearing stories about the past. I think all us girls need that, so we can stay optimistic for the future. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Having a Moment

I'm not happy with my hair right now. It won't let me be great. It won't be great. But it's my fault for not getting it trimmed on a regular basis. I'm [ ] <--- this close to cutting it off and starting again, like I did in 2007:

Lord knows, it'd be much easier to maintain as far as working out. Gotta love the concept of wash and go. But I know when I cut it, I'll miss the longer hair. I'm gonna chill for now. Between FB and Twitt.er I have been talked out of it. I'm going to flat iron and trim my ends (as best I can since I can't see the back of my head) this weekend. In 8-12 weeks I'll make an appointment for a professional trim.

That hair cut WAS funny, though...the way it came about. I had taken out some twist extensions, and I felt like I had combed out WAY more than just shed hair. I was not happy. At all. I washed and deep conditioned and twisted it up that night. The next day I took the twists down and wore my hair out to work, but still was not happy. Really, the unhappiness stepped back to January. I let a friend trim my hair and it turned into a freakin' HAIR CUT. I mean I really don't think she realized how much she had cut off. But I had taken pics a day or two before, and in the comparison shot it was easy to see that she had cut off almost 3 inches in some places! I know that's not a lot for some folks, but my hair grows EXTREMELY slow and I was upset.

So anyway, back to the hair cut above. I sat there and thought about it all morning at work. There was a mall right down the street from where I worked, and I knew there wsd a barber shop inside the mall (welcome to Atlanta). At lunch, I rolled straight over there. Sat in the chair and told him to leave me about an inch of hair. A smart person would have said two inches, but oh well. He asked me, "why you wanna cut off all this pretty hair?" Rather than go into a drawn out explanation, I simply told him, "it's just time to start fresh."

He took me back to the sink to wash some of the oil out of my hair. Then he just began cutting. I was scared, yet excited. It's hair - it grows back, right? Clippers buzzing...stomach churning. This is where the "2 inch" part comes into play. He just kept trying to shape it up and ultimately cut off more than I planned...but I had to roll with it. I went to the beauty supply store, got some leave in conditioner and some gel, slapped it in my hair while sitting in the parking lot, got myself something to eat, and then went back to work.

I had an office at this particular job. Periodically people would walk by and just glance in the door to say hello. For the rest of the afternoon, it was nothing but double takes, as people got a look at my new 'do.

Since then, growing it out has morphed from an enjoyable experience to a tedious process. I'm not making the progress I would have expected. Again, there are some maintenance issues. But I use better products than I ever used before, so it just feels like I should be further along.

Oh well. After I trim this weekend, I will just take it back to basics with shea butter based butters for twists, and go from there.

The clippers have been avoided. For now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week in Running

SUNDAY: Dealing with the plague, a.k.a. 24 hour stomach bug/flu. I barely walked from my couch to the bathroom. There was definitely no running this day. I spent most of the day sleeping. Because it was on the couch, my back ended up hurting. Boooo on Sunday.

MONDAY: Recovering from the plague. Lower back aching. I spent most of that day laying on a heating pad. I was just happy to get through the work day. There was no way I was going to run. 2 days out of commission.

TUESDAY: Nike+ is back in my good graces. It allowed me to recalibrate. All the runs for this week are accurate! Woo hoo! I wasn't sure how it would be, because I hadn't had much to eat over the past two days. But this is what I churned out:

TIME: 34:40

WEDNESDAY: I went back to the portion of the greenway that has more inclines. I started running at the .75 mi marker, ran a smidge past 1.5, then back down to the start, and then back up to .75. This was definitely a challenge and I felt it! I wish Charlotte was a little more pedestrian-friendly. I would love to run along Harris Blvd and more of the local streets, but the sidewalks aren't adequate. Stats:

TIME: 29:06
AVG PACE: 9:36/MI <- whoa...not sure how I pulled that off!! LOL

TODAY: I planned on slowing the pace back down today. I figured my calves would appreciate it. I was right. As soon as I started jogging I could feel the stiffness, even though I did stretch. I really felt like I was dragging along, but I guess I was faster than I thought I was. Ye olde stats:

TIME: 32:32
AVG PACE: 10:03/MI

I think tomorrow will be a rest day, or maybe elliptical and strength training. I look at these times and I am amazed that I ran like this. Maybe there's something to eating less meat? Since Saturday, the only meat I've had is turkey and then some seafood. And it definitely wasn't a lot of turkey. I've been having fruit smoothies in the morning, eating more salads, etc. We shall see.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Sneakers

Since I had the cash to do it, I went to Run For Your LIfe and got myself some new Mizuno Wave Alchemy sneakers. It's the same shoe I was already running in, just a different color.

As you can see, the Nike+ sensor is still attached, as I haven't gotten a Garmin watch yet. Since I recalibrated the other day, my run from yesterday was pretty accurate. 3.51 miles, 34:40. A new pair of shoes definitely makes a difference! It was a fairly mild day yesterday, as far as temperature goes. It's supposed to be 66 degrees today, and in the 70s for the rest of the week. Yahoo! I plan to run outside today through Saturday, and rest on Sunday.

What's your exercise plan for the rest of this week?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Plague

Well, not really. But it might as well be. Last night I had two girl friends over and we ate pizza, drank wine, and watched some movies. When I woke up this morning, it felt like all that pizza and wine was just sitting on my stomach having a party. I couldn't move without being naseuous. My whole body was aching as well.

There is some kind of stomach flu/bug going around our area, and this is just so NOT the time for this. I wanted to run with a new 4-miler running group tomorrow evening after work. I don't want to fall off of training. I am hoping this is gone by tomorrow morning, we shall see. All I've had today was a fruit smoothie (no dairy) with fiber supplement added in, and half a bagel. I've also had some juice and water. I wish I had some ginger ale on hand, but I had no energy to go and get it.

I really, really hate this achy feeling. Just keep me in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I hate you, Nike.Plus.

OK, not really. But it is getting on my nerves. Last week I reset it to "default" to see if my pace was anywhere close to the default pace (they claim that the default should fit most runners). It does not fit me. At all. LOL! Not even close.

So Tuesday, when LDR and I went for our run, I used the first .25 to calibrate. Or so I thought. When I finished and hit the button to end calibration, I got that "distance does not match with what was run" message. Huh?? Uh, I know I just ran .25, so what is really going on? OK fine. We stopped and stretched and then I set it up to recalibrate on the next .25.

Same message again.

UGH! I literally hollered out loud! LDR was like, just forget about that thing. But I can't. I'm obsessed with knowing how far I've gone, with tracking my mileage, and with keeping my pace and time.

I'm gonna try to calibrate today. But seriously? If this thing doesn't calibrate I might throw it on the ground and stomp on it. OK, not really. But at this point, it might be time to go with plan B on tracking mileage. Or maybe it's time for a new sensor? I don't know. This is frustrating me, though. I simply cannot wear the Nike+ sneakers with my flat, pronated feet.

Does anyone (or anyone you know) use the Garmin watch? Is it worth the money?

The Cat is Outta The Bag

If you're my friend on the Book of Faces, you know that LDR and I decided to go ahead and let folks know about our relationship that was brewing behind the scenes. I decided a while ago that we should wait until he came to visit, for a few reasons. I guess I really was waiting for the other shoe to drop. For him to change his mind, for him to get here and decide he didn't like me as much as he thought...etc. Why? I don't know. I guess I was just scared.

But LDR was in fact here, and we had a glorious, glorious time! We hung out all over Charlotte, and then one day we just stayed in and watched movies all day. I even got him to go for a 3 mile run with me. He bellyached, but he did it. Then I kept my end of the bargain and did sit ups and push ups aftewards (my abs and triceps STILL hurt).

He left on Tuesday afternoon and I really miss him. I am easing back into my normal routine now. It was so funny to read everyone's reactions to the fact that we were dating. I think people were more surprised that I said I was in a relationship, period. I guess they've just gotten used to reading the horrific dating stories. LOL!

Anywho, I'm happy...and I'm going to just take it day by day, and not sit and wait for the other shoe to drop. :)