Thursday, March 25, 2010

Having a Moment

I'm not happy with my hair right now. It won't let me be great. It won't be great. But it's my fault for not getting it trimmed on a regular basis. I'm [ ] <--- this close to cutting it off and starting again, like I did in 2007:

Lord knows, it'd be much easier to maintain as far as working out. Gotta love the concept of wash and go. But I know when I cut it, I'll miss the longer hair. I'm gonna chill for now. Between FB and I have been talked out of it. I'm going to flat iron and trim my ends (as best I can since I can't see the back of my head) this weekend. In 8-12 weeks I'll make an appointment for a professional trim.

That hair cut WAS funny, though...the way it came about. I had taken out some twist extensions, and I felt like I had combed out WAY more than just shed hair. I was not happy. At all. I washed and deep conditioned and twisted it up that night. The next day I took the twists down and wore my hair out to work, but still was not happy. Really, the unhappiness stepped back to January. I let a friend trim my hair and it turned into a freakin' HAIR CUT. I mean I really don't think she realized how much she had cut off. But I had taken pics a day or two before, and in the comparison shot it was easy to see that she had cut off almost 3 inches in some places! I know that's not a lot for some folks, but my hair grows EXTREMELY slow and I was upset.

So anyway, back to the hair cut above. I sat there and thought about it all morning at work. There was a mall right down the street from where I worked, and I knew there wsd a barber shop inside the mall (welcome to Atlanta). At lunch, I rolled straight over there. Sat in the chair and told him to leave me about an inch of hair. A smart person would have said two inches, but oh well. He asked me, "why you wanna cut off all this pretty hair?" Rather than go into a drawn out explanation, I simply told him, "it's just time to start fresh."

He took me back to the sink to wash some of the oil out of my hair. Then he just began cutting. I was scared, yet excited. It's hair - it grows back, right? Clippers buzzing...stomach churning. This is where the "2 inch" part comes into play. He just kept trying to shape it up and ultimately cut off more than I planned...but I had to roll with it. I went to the beauty supply store, got some leave in conditioner and some gel, slapped it in my hair while sitting in the parking lot, got myself something to eat, and then went back to work.

I had an office at this particular job. Periodically people would walk by and just glance in the door to say hello. For the rest of the afternoon, it was nothing but double takes, as people got a look at my new 'do.

Since then, growing it out has morphed from an enjoyable experience to a tedious process. I'm not making the progress I would have expected. Again, there are some maintenance issues. But I use better products than I ever used before, so it just feels like I should be further along.

Oh well. After I trim this weekend, I will just take it back to basics with shea butter based butters for twists, and go from there.

The clippers have been avoided. For now.


Femme Fatale said...

LOL! Girl you are too funny. Getting your hair cut off in the middle of the day and going back to work....classic! Don't cut it all off this time. The trim may be the best way to go and just continue with your new products. Believe me, I want longer and thicker hair so I know how you feel. Sometimes it's an obsession. I've found that my hair grows in spurts. Months will go by and it doesn't seem like it's grown at all then all of a sudden, it's longer

We can encourage each other :)

Marilie said...

Girl...Marlon was like, " just needed a change, huh?" LOL! Priceless.

I will try to stay motivated. I'm gonna deep condition in a few minutes. :)

Serenity3-0 said...

I love your TWA! And just keep reminding yourself of your reunion.