Thursday, March 11, 2010

I hate you, Nike.Plus.

OK, not really. But it is getting on my nerves. Last week I reset it to "default" to see if my pace was anywhere close to the default pace (they claim that the default should fit most runners). It does not fit me. At all. LOL! Not even close.

So Tuesday, when LDR and I went for our run, I used the first .25 to calibrate. Or so I thought. When I finished and hit the button to end calibration, I got that "distance does not match with what was run" message. Huh?? Uh, I know I just ran .25, so what is really going on? OK fine. We stopped and stretched and then I set it up to recalibrate on the next .25.

Same message again.

UGH! I literally hollered out loud! LDR was like, just forget about that thing. But I can't. I'm obsessed with knowing how far I've gone, with tracking my mileage, and with keeping my pace and time.

I'm gonna try to calibrate today. But seriously? If this thing doesn't calibrate I might throw it on the ground and stomp on it. OK, not really. But at this point, it might be time to go with plan B on tracking mileage. Or maybe it's time for a new sensor? I don't know. This is frustrating me, though. I simply cannot wear the Nike+ sneakers with my flat, pronated feet.

Does anyone (or anyone you know) use the Garmin watch? Is it worth the money?


Anonymous said...

Get the Garmin. I resisted it for a long time in loyalty to my Nike+, but I love, love, love the Garmin. Although last week I did have to mail it back to Garmin because it just stopped working, but they are mailing me a brand new watch. Other than that, it is TOTALLY worth the money!! This is where I got mine. Looks like it is $153 right now...I got mine for $163 at Christmas:

Good luck!!

Tazzee said...

I've considered getting the Nike+ but your issues with calibration delayed my purchase. I like the app I have on my iPhone, but I've only used it once. It did get tripped up when I stopped and turned around so I have to figure that part out... Let me know what you find out about the Garmin watch.

Marilie said...

Lorian is my new BFF! And this one has an HRM. I need this in my life. I'm about to get a bonus at work. I think this is a present to myself. THanks for the link! :)

Virtuous said...

Yes I have heard the Garmin's are the bomb. I just can't spend that much on a run tracking system.

Like Tazzee after hearing all of your calibrating issues I no longer 'covet' Nike+ lol Still enjoy my RunKeeper (that is only for iPhone of course )but if I didn't have that option would do the Garmin. Go for it! And ditch the Nike+

Marilie said...

I definitely want this. But, I have some "needs" that have to be taken care of first - namely my trip to Vegas, my flight to NY in June, glasses/contacts, and my car taxes (stupid NC). But if there's cash left over after that, and if this is not too bulky for my wrist, this watch is mine! :)