Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Cat is Outta The Bag

If you're my friend on the Book of Faces, you know that LDR and I decided to go ahead and let folks know about our relationship that was brewing behind the scenes. I decided a while ago that we should wait until he came to visit, for a few reasons. I guess I really was waiting for the other shoe to drop. For him to change his mind, for him to get here and decide he didn't like me as much as he thought...etc. Why? I don't know. I guess I was just scared.

But LDR was in fact here, and we had a glorious, glorious time! We hung out all over Charlotte, and then one day we just stayed in and watched movies all day. I even got him to go for a 3 mile run with me. He bellyached, but he did it. Then I kept my end of the bargain and did sit ups and push ups aftewards (my abs and triceps STILL hurt).

He left on Tuesday afternoon and I really miss him. I am easing back into my normal routine now. It was so funny to read everyone's reactions to the fact that we were dating. I think people were more surprised that I said I was in a relationship, period. I guess they've just gotten used to reading the horrific dating stories. LOL!

Anywho, I'm happy...and I'm going to just take it day by day, and not sit and wait for the other shoe to drop. :)


Tazzee said...

So happy for you and I pray this works out. I only tried an LDR (not YOUR LDR, LOL) once and it did not work. I hope you get to see one another more often.

My BFF has an LDR - he's only a 3 hour drive away so they see each other pretty often.

Marilie said...

Thanks, Tazzee! I think the biggest issue will be his transfer in the fall, and whether or not there are any delays. If there are no delays, we'll be good to go. I can deal with the distance, but not for like...years. LOL! It helps that he's very good about communication.

Virtuous said...

Yay! Y'all did go on a run!

Happy for you and definitely just enjoy it

Cyn said...

Yippee!! Very happy for you.

Neev said...

I'm cracking up b/c if I would have kept up with the blog as much as FB I would have put 2 and 2 together! LOL Glad you are happy girlie!

Marilie said...

Yep, you probably would have figured it out. A few people did, but most had no clue, lol