Sunday, February 28, 2010

PR! aka Personal Record!

So today's goal was to run 5-6 miles at the greenway. I woke up this morning with the intention of running, coming back home to shower, and then running errands. It didn't quite work out like that. I could not get myself to wake all the way up in time. I ended up running errands first, then getting back here close to noon.

I cleaned up my kitchen and front room, and then I got sleepy. I took a nap and by the time I got up, it was close to 3:30! I couldn't believe it. Now I was feeling, more than ever, like I did not want to run at all. But I knew I had to get it done. I did nothing yesterday.

I got dressed and headed over to the greenway. It was about 50 degrees, but the temp was dropping. I ran in a long sleeve shirt over my Thunder Road practice tee. By the time I got started it was about 4:30. When running by myself, I will only run out to the 1.5 marker and back, and then out and back to wherever I need to go to, to get my mileage in. The reason for this is, after about a 10th of the mile past the 1.5 marker, you cross a road and then end up on the "Research Park" area of the greenway. It's not paved (gravel and dirt), but it's also in the middle of the woods. If I'm going to make the 6pm news, I don't want it to be for coming up missing. It stays in the woods (and is not marked with mileage) until you get to the 2 3/4 mi point, at which it becomes paved again and is back in civilization. No thanks!

My plan was to keep this run between 10:30 - 11:00/mi, since I was going 6 miles. Apparently my body no longer wants to be anywhere near 11:00/mi, because I was definitely running faster than that. I haven't recalibrated Nike+ (I'm lazy, I may do it tomorrow), so I just kept checking the time every half mile to see what my pace was.

The first out and back was pretty good. It felt almost daunting to know that I had to do it again and had another 3 miles, but I kept pushing. After I got to mile 4, I was thinking that I'd slow up the pace to 11:00...but then it just got to the point where I wanted to get done, and I got some kind of second wind.

I finished the 6 miles in 1:01:14! That's a PR for me. I actually haven't run any 10K road races yet. But during half marathon training, we did complete some 6 mile runs, and I was doing well to finish those between 11:00 - 11:30. I'm psyched! If I'm doing the math correctly, I think that's a 10:13 pace? That's fast for me, especially at that distance. Did I mention that I'm psyched??

My Achilles, however, are not psyched. I have some serious stretching to do over the next few days. I need to go back to my therapy exercises. I would hate to make improvements and then get sidelined with an injury. Depending on how my legs feel in the morning, I will do a 3 mile recovery run.

Go me! :)

P.S. - did I mention that I have now coerced LDR into running? Matter of fact, I think he's signed up for 2 races (a 5K and I'm not sure about the second one). One he is going to run with his brother and his sister. Meanwhile, I am signed up for 0 races and need to do better. I keep trying to plant the "half marathon seed" in his mind, but he says he'll run a half as soon as I run a whole. Not! LOL


Anonymous said...

Go you!! Great job! That would have been a tough one to get up after that good for your determination! I am glad you are cognizant of the lack of safety of running in those woods. Better safe than sorry.

And look at you motivating others to become!

Anonymous said...

Woot and congrats! Don't you just love running outdoors? Throw some more of that PR mojo my way, please.

I drive about 10-15 minutes from my house for long distance runs because the neighboring city has better (read: more developed and popular) trails. On my side of town? Country back roads and woods. No ma'am. While it may be a burden to drive across town or have to repeat loops for a run, I'd rather be safe than snatched.

Marilie said...

My running group would run through there together during training. You'd be surprised (or maybe not, lol) at how many female runners we saw, who would come running through there like it was nothing. My friends and I would always look at each other thinking, "is she crazy?"

He'll be here on Thursday...we're supposed to go for a run together at some point this weekend. He seems to think I'm trying to kill him. LOL! He's forgetting that he's almost a foot taller than me, and I'll likely have to work to keep up with him!

Marilie said...

@aunaptural - throwing PR mojo your way! :) I see you got 6 miles in yesterday yourself.

Anonymous said...

I should have explained the bag check. The girl ended up just laying my id number on the bag and didn't tie it on the bag. So it took her about 10 minutes to find it. I had the car keys in there, so we weren't going anywhere until it was found. It had to be on the bus somewhere, right? So word to the wise, tie up your bag tight and tie the id number on it yourself!!

It was nice to run with someone and talk along the way. I am usually a lone runner, so it was a nice change.

Single Ma said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on your personal record! I don't blame you for not running through the woods alone. Then again, I'd probably use my fear to pick up speed. Your girl will be running a 10 min/mi after only 2 weeks of training! LOL

I'm learning to ignore my lazy/negative thoughts and push through anyway. When I do, I never regret it.

So how ya gonna top your personal best? Next run, 7 miles at 10:00? :-)

Marilie said...

@Single Ma - thanks! Yeah, I could see that as motivation to run faster. LOL!

I'm getting better at pushing away the negative I just have to get this pesky left calf back in order.

Good question! I hadn't thought about what I'll do to top that PR. I'll be happy to maintain runs within 10:00 - 10:30 so that 11:00 is a distant memory. :)

Virtuous said...

That was a fantastic run!!!
It is funny how when you don't feel like doing it you end up running your best!

Lets do RaceFest 10K on April 10th :)

And you are always "recalibrating" that Nike+ all the dang time my goodness Haha!

Marilie said...

@Virtuous - Nike+ no likey me and my funky stride, I guess. I'm too cheap to get something GPS based right now.

April 10th...OK, how much is the fee? Never mind, lemme just look it up. We'll tweet/text/something about this. LOL