Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stubborn is as Stubborn Does...

Yesterday I went home for lunch. I grazed on leftovers and watched The Young and the Restless, which is FINALLY getting good again (although it's still rather nonsensical in general, lol). My phone rings around 1:20. It's my brother J. He never calls me during the day. I immediately got that "something is wrong" feeling, so I just picked up the phone and braced myself for whatever it was.

My mom has an old back injury from when I was in junior high. She herniated three discs in her back trying to catch a falling patient. Her back hasn't been right since. My mother hates needles. Hates them. You only get one shot to draw her blood and then she's done with you, so you better get it right. So when she goes in for a pain injection for her back, I know she's hurting. As of late, the herniations are pressing on a nerve in her spine, and she's had trouble lifting her left leg. Well, she was on her way in to work, crossing the bridge from the parking deck into the building. They apparently had a floor mat down for folks to wipe their feet on. She said that the mat was flat, but she just didn't get her left foot high enough and she caught the edge. She did a "belly flop" and then hit her forehead on the floor.

So they called my brother at 12:30am and he went up to the hospital. He said my mom was on the stretcher but she kept trying to get up, saying she had to get to work. She was a bit loopy. So they admitted her for a bit and an MRI and CT scan were done. Apparently they didn't find anything wrong, so they released her yesterday afternoon. At which time she proceeded to just carry on with her normal schedule.

Ah...no. Please go sit down! But she wouldn't hear it. She even went to work last night. I called her this morning, and she sounded like her normal self. She swears she does not have a concussion and that her discharge paperwork had no restrictions. I told her I don't believe that and I need to see the paperwork! But I did talk to my brother, and he confirmed no restrictions. But still.

She is the epitome of stubbornness. Always working hard. Doesn't get enough rest. Just doing too much. I have those same tendencies. At least I got it naturally. What's crazy is, yesterday morning, on my way in to work I was talking to LDR. I don't even know how we started talking about my mom, but I was telling him about her back problems. I told him that I can't wait for her to retire, and that I'm worried about her falling due to that left leg. Then I get a call that afternoon that she fell the night before. Craziness!

This morning we were talking and he says, "maybe she should just move in with one of you guys." Screeeeeeeech! Pump the brakes! We've already tried this. First of all, she's not going anywhere while my grandma is still alive. She's gonna be up at that nursing home every day making sure everything is in order. Secondly, she's too independent. She's not going to want to live with anyone. Maybe if I have a kid or two. Maybe. But she just has so much going on, I can't see her slowing down or leaving NY right now.

He suggested that we just tell her that she has to do it. I burst out laughing.

Me: Clearly you're not understanding just how stubborn she is, and how telling her to do it will just make her dig her heels in more. We're going to have to Jedi mind trick her into it. Or something.

LDR: "So...basically, she's like you? Or I guess we know where you got it from..." (chuckles)


Me: "You know what? That's not the point! I'm getting off the phone now!" (lol)

LDR: "I'm just sayin'!"


So, yeah. Whatever. I'm stubborn. I admit it. At least you know this about me early on. But if I bopped my noggin, I'd probably take a day off.

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