Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check 1, Check 2!

Time for a length check! I've been lazy and not at all dilligent in the last couple of months with regard to hair. I've slacked off of my henna regimen, and that just simply won't do! I need to go and get my ends trimmed (last trim in August - yikes), because the tangles are hindering my length retention.

So, here are some length shots - I've updated my Fotki as well. I promise to be nicer to my hair for the rest of this year. I will henna, use my other Ayurvedic powders, oil hair/scalp regularly, and stick with my committment to natural products that avoid 10 of the yuckiest synthetic ingredients.

Here are the length photos:


Single Ma said...

Very nice! I think I'm going to cut and go short this summer. Need a new attitude with my new shape. :-)

Marilie said...

Go for it! I cut my hair at lunch one day. LOL! It was a little shorter than it is now, but I had had some kinky twists and I didn't like the condition of my hair after I took them out. So I came in to work with a twist out...came back from lunch with about 1/2 inch of hair...LOL