Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Recap

Happy Valentine's Day, bloggers. I meant to get on here yesterday and post, but yesterday turned into an all around lazy day. I don't think I could have summoned the energy to post, even if I tried. So, let's review:

FRIDAY: Friday started off pretty uneventful. I should say that LDR and I never even discussed Valentine's Day, and as such I had no expectations. I learned a while ago that if a dude can't show me how he likes/loves me the other 364 days, this one's not gonna make too much difference. LOL!

I was on the phone with a customer in Louisiana who was just as crazy as a bed bug. Really getting on my nerves...I was hungry and aggravated. I got an email from the receptionist stating there was a box for me at the front desk. And in the box was this:

I don't know how he does it, but he never gives away when he has some kind of surprise planned. I had no clue these were coming, and I had just spoken with him maybe an hour before they got here. He's slick! :) I gave away some of the chocolates, 'cause I'm not a big truffle fan, but they looked good.

Here's a pic of the flowers from yesterday, after some of them had opened up more:

Friday evening, I had a meet up with my Natural Hair Group, about natural home remedies. I'll have to do a separate blog on that. She gave some samples that could make their way into my regimen in the near future. I need to use up what I have so far. I was particularly happy to hear the info on dealing with PMS. I have ceased the use of hormonal BC, and now am dealing with the PMS symptoms I haven't dealt with since college. Yikes.

We got some snow that evening. I was supposed to go to a girls' night get together at a co-worker's house, but I refused to deal with the non-driving Charlotteans on the road. So I went home and got some rest.

SATURDAY: On Saturday I slept in. Bogey did not. She decided she wanted to wake me up with her purring and shenanigans. I got up and gave her some cat treats and then I got back in the bed! Then I remembered I wanted to come up to the job to work out. I sent Serenity_23 a text and she decided to meet me up there. LDR called and he wanted to know if I had checked my mail. Uh, no. Why? Now, I'll be the first to tell ya, I don't check my mail on a regular basis. It's generally bills and junk mail. I pay my bills online, and I throw out the junk mail. So pfffft. I told him I'd check it on the way to the gym. I did check, and there was a slip where the mailman had left a package in the leasing office. They weren't open, due to the weather, I assume. So I went on and worked out with Serenity, and then came back.

The package was a box from Dick's Sporting Goods, with a card. Now, he had told me he was going to Dick's to get himself some new sneakers. Sneaky, sneaky! I couldn't wait to open up the box. Inside were these items:

Let me tell you why this is sweet. 'Cause I know you're looking like, um...he sent you some workout gear? Yes, he did. But he sent me things I had casually mentioned in several conversations...heck, I forgot I even mentioned these things. I told him how I lost one of my gloves during the half marathon...I think I told him that in December. I've been running outside since then, and I don't recall complaining about my hands being cold, but maybe I did and I was rambling and just don't remember. He knows I can't stand wearing hats, and I know I have talked about my ears being cold, so he sent the ear warmer. I remember one day he asked me what I was wearing to work out, and I mentioned some crop pants...and that I needed some more. And then, the 'Cuse t-shirt, 'cause sometimes you gotta rep the home town. :) Bigger than the presents is the fact that he LISTENS to me. Even though my rambling and giggling and whatever else, it's like he's sitting there making little mental notes. I love when people do that. I try to do that for others. So needless to say, he gets extra points for that.

Saturday night I went to a birthday celebration for my friend Stacy. Her birthday is actually on the 14th, but you know how that goes. When your birthday falls on a nationally recognized holiday, you generally get shafted. You get those "combination" gifts, or whatever. Apparently she had never had a birthday bash with just the girls, so that's what we set out to give her. She had so much fun, I was so glad to be a part of it. Not to mention, I now have a 2 minutes of video or her dancing around like she's crazy to some teenybopper song...I can't even tell you which song it is. We had lots of food, lots of drinks, and lots of fun. You don't need to hit up the club to have a good time!

As I said, Sunday was a lazy day. I cleaned up around the apartment, and ordered pizza for dinner. I never even got dressed. I decided I wasn't even going to go skating. I had my pizza, my wine, my blanket and my couch. And everything was gravy. :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


This One Woman said...

LDR is adorably sweet and thoughtful. I know you were cheesing a while. I am cheesing for you. :)

Marilie said...

Still cheesin'! LOL

Tazzee said...

My birthday was the first time my fiance' got me gifts. It was an assortment of things I needed/wanted and he knew because he listened and watched me. That really touched my heart so I know your heart is still warm from your surprise.

Ride that wave!

Anonymous said...

Wow...nice flowers! He is very thoughtful! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

Regarding the gun time and chip took us 7 minutes to get to cross the start line! So I am happy to report my chip time was 2:07 :)

Marilie said...

2:07?!? Mental note - cannot keep up with Lorian. LOL! I'll be happy to beat my chip time this year. We shall see! I'm trying to recruit more people to run it with me. I've convinced LDR to at least try a 5K and a 10K this year. :lol: