Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On a lighter note

Guess who came back to work today? You guessed it! Ms. Stress Leave. My sup came by yesterday on her way out, and said that SL might be back today. At that point, I just thought "whatever," but I kept it to myself. This morning, I heard someone ask her if she was stress free, and this chick said no. What could have possibly been stressing you when you been chillin' for SIX WEEKS? Please! I know you better get to working, that's all I know. My pending is 130 and yours is 74. I don't wanna hear speak, spit or spaghetti about stress from her.

This morning, I had to take my car in to get brake pads. It is also in desparate need of a wash and vacuum. Really, it needs to be detailed - the inside needs to be shampooed, and it needs to be waxed. But for now, wash and vacuum will do. I hope Mr. Rhyne remembers that he said he'd throw that in for me, next time I dropped the car off. LOL!

Anywho, the shop is in the opposite direction from where I live and work. But, I trust Mr. Rhyne - he hasn't done me wrong, and it's nice to support a brotha. So, I just find ways to get there. This morning, that had to involve the ex-bf. I know, right? But like I said, I no longer want to hurl sharp objects at his head. We are two adults, and need to act accordingly. At the end of the day, if he really needed something, and I could help him, I would. I know the same is true of him, so when I sent him an email yesterday asking if he could give me a ride to work, I knew he was going to say yes. The only way he'd say no is if he was out of town.

He picked me up, and we even had half way decent conversation, and a few laughs. But the whole time I was sitting in the passenger seat, I could NOT stop my mind from wandering and wondering - who's been sitting over here? He had a new keychain that said "Savannah Harbor." I was wondering if he went down there for work, or did he go with someone? Then I smacked myself in the head and said (to myself), "why do you care?" Get over it! Priceless. Only in my head.

I have been here all of 45 minutes...I have yet to do one work related thing. I guess I need to do some work. And find someone to take me back to get my car at lunch time.

Sending up a prayer...

Sorry to be M.I.A. Nothing major really going on!

KC got to the rink early on Sunday. When I caught up with him, I could tell something was "off." I asked him what was wrong...he paused for about 5 seconds. I swear, my first thought was, "oh gosh, who is sick???" And sure enough he said, "I just found out my dad has cancer...in his pancreas and his spleen."

My heart just dropped. I have dealt with cancer so much in my family. I won't even give you the whole rundown. In February 2008, my dad found out he had prostate cancer. But his PSA was at a good level, and the cancer was only on one side, so they just went in and took his prostate out. Fast forward to July 2008 - my mom calls, my dad is at the hospital. His stomach had ruptured and they had to do immediate surgery. It was 50/50 as to whether or not he was going to make it through the first 48 hours. I thought my dad was gonna die...and I couldn't get to him and there was nothing I could do. I was all out of sorts.

My dad and I had a rocky relationship for a while. I won't go into all the details, but from about age 24 until 30, I barely talked to my dad. I was just angry with him about things that happened when I was growing up. Finally at 30, the light bulb came on. My dad is human. He's not perfect. All I can do is move forward from here. We started mending our relationship, and last year we probably talked more than we had in a long time. I was glad that we had at least mended things, so if we did lose him, I wasn't going to be filled with the "woulda/coulda/shoulda." Luckily, he made it through. A five week stay in the hospital resulted in a forced detox...he no longer smokes cigarettes, and most importantly, he no longer drinks. We have the best conversations now.

But back to KC - please keep him and his father in your prayers. One of these days we are going to eradicate cancer. I can't wait.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday's thoughts...

Another business week is coming to an end. The world is reeling with the deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. With Farrah, we knew she was sick - like we know that Walter Kronkite and Patrick Swayze are not doing well. But Michael? I guess that some people knew about the Rx drugs. Perhaps that's why CBS News already had a special cued up to go by 10:00pm, when we had just found out he died around 6:00pm. Somebody knew SOMETHING - the general public just didn't know.

His death, and the many postings about old songs and videos, has made me think back on happy times in my childhood. My sister P was THE ULTIMATE Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 fan. There were huge posters of Michael all over our room. She took the Thriller album cover and opened up to that pic of him in the black and white, and tacked it to the wall. She had pages ripped out from Right On! magazine. I remember at one point, she tried to tack some pictures to the ceiling, but they wouldn't stay. There were three big posters - one was of him posing in that famous yellow and white outfit he had. The other one, he had on jeans and a brown leather jacket. The last one was a HUGE picture of his face...he was posting with his hand on his chin, and he had on a red and white striped shirt. She even had one of those black light posters - you know the fuzzy ones, with the fluorescent colors. They glow when you shine the black light on them. Do you think we had a black light? Yeah, right! But she had that poster up!

And then the one memory I never let her live down: taking down my train!

We lived in this old colonial house. The room we shared was kind of a split bedroom. There was the actual bedroom, and then connected to that there was a sun room/sewing room. That sun room didn't have any heating ducts or anything. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be, or why it was designed like that. My oldest sister, S, moved into this little sun room, and then P and I shared the bigger room (I really wish I had some pics to scan in to show you). I had this "alphabet train" - it was part of a coloring book I guess. S and I had colored in the letters and the "train", from A to Z. We put them up on the wall in our room so that it flowed like a train. That was my only decorative contribution to the room.

I came home from school one day, and do you know P had taken down my train, so she could make more room for MJ????? But that wasn't the worst part - the worst part was, she just threw the train away!!!! Now by this time, I think S had left for the Marines, and I ended up with her "room." I coulda put my train up in there, or something! Verklempt! You owe me a train! LOL

Back to the reminiscing. Unlike some of these lazy chil'ren folks are raising today, we had chores to do. Saturdays were usually the days where we would have to clean up our room. We had to clean out our closets. We had to clean baseboards sometimes. We had to get on our hands and knees with the Mop n' Glow (do they even make that anymore?) and clean the hardwood floor in our bedrooms. We were not allowed to have messy bedrooms; we couldn't claim the room as our "domain" - all the rooms were my parents' rooms - they paid the mortgage!

The soundtrack of these cleaning sprees was The Jacksons. P was always Michael; I never got to sing lead. I lodged my complaints to no avail. I was Tito/Jackie/Jermaine/Randy/Marlon - I sang all the backgrounds. We had the moves from the cartoon. We used the handle of the dust mop as our mic stand. If we needed a cordless mic, we used a brush. We sang all the hits - ABC, Stop The Love You Save, With A Child's Heart, Never Can Say Goodbye, Mama's Pearl...P knew all the words to EVERY song...I knew my background parts and some of the leads. She joined the fan club in the 80s, and they sent this record. I think it was mostly them talking about things, and then on the B side there was a "surprise song" where they just improvised. We learned that one, too.

I don't remember what age I was, but one day I got the crazy idea that a 78 record would float like a Frisbee. So I took the "Destiny" album and sailed it across the room. Why? I have no clue. Well, I had no aim then (and still don't now), and the dang record hit the door frame and cracked a chunk out. I'm sure she was livid, but she didn't try to kill me. She still kept that dang record, too. She just couldn't listen to the first two songs on either side. Fast forward to college...I was in the music store down the street from my school. I saw the Destiny CD and I bought it. I sent it to her with a card and apologized. :)

My oldest sister always (jokingly) apologizes that she left me in P's clutches, to be tortured with Michael Jackson and the Jacksons (she enlisted in the Marines when I was 9). But I loved it! We had so much fun! When I was a child, I got to be a child, and my sisters were a big part of that. I wasn't running around worrying about teenage things as a child. I was just goofing off and having fun with my family, and the rest of the Bruce Street gang. Music was a big part of that - that's probably why I love old school music so much as it is. I have several MJ/Jackson 5/Jacksons albums on my iPod, and they are great for road trips. When I hear the old songs, I always flashback to the old days on Bruce Street...and it brings a smile to my face.

RIP, Michael...thanks for the memories. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am my hair...consequences and repercussions

Someone posted this article on LHCF, and I thought I'd share. I remember reading about the little girl mentioned at the end (Miriam) in an article written in the AJC. I wanted to drive to ATL and hi-five her daddy. :)

ARTICLE FROM CNN: In the black culture, a richness of hairstory

ORIGINAL ARTICLE ABOUT MIRIAM: Perfect braids show depth of dad's devotion


Any story about a little girl's hair hits close to home for me. I mean, honestly - my mom didn't take this much time with my hair, except for on special occasions when she was going to straighten it with the straightening comb. Any braided styles I had, were done by my oldest sister.

Then, the third grade hit. My other sister, who is 7 years older than me, got a Jheri curl. Well of course, I wanted to be like her. So guess what I got? Yep, a curl. That first year was ok...everything was moving along. But my mom worked nights and didn't get home in the mornings until after it was time for me to get to school. I became in charge of my own hair care, and I had no clue what to do.

By the 5th grade, it was all breaking off. I had to get it cut down to a TWA. Of course, if I had known what I know now, it surely would have stayed natural. However, in the 5th grade you really want to keep up with the Joneses. I met my 3 best friends that year. Guess what? They all had ridiculously long hair! And then there was me. Snoop and Sunni's parents forbade them to even get relaxers. Sunni was one of the people who truly had some "Indian in her family." :lol: Her hair was down to her mid back, and it curled up when it got wet. Snoop had a TON of hair, too - hers was thicker than Sunni's. Like, I remember times in high school where she didn't have a blow dryer with a comb attachment, and we would have to tag team her hair. Then there was Kiwi...her mom was white and her dad was black. She had that spirally, curly hair and she had a lot of it. Needless to say, I was in desperate need of long, straight hair. Self esteem, with regards to my hair, was at an all time low.

My mom, bless her heart, she just had no clue what to do for a TWA. The stylist told her to put some gel on the edges to smooth it out. That became left up to me. I had gel everywhere. It just was not a good look, and as soon as my hair was long enough, I begged for a relaxer. My sister Pam would have to roller set my hair at night, because I didn't have the skills to do it, and certainly could not master a curling iron in the 6th grade (and didn't need to, anyway).

I have fuzzy memories of exactly how this transition occurred, but at some point in junior high I ended up with a curl gain. I know...what??? I'on even know. Mercifully, by 8th grade I had somehow discovered the world of braided extensions. I had those put in for my sister's wedding. Finally, I had that "long" hair I wanted, even if it wasn't mine.

I got these extensions on and off from 8th to 10th grade, if I remember correctly. Round about 10th grade, I believe my hair was natural again. But because I had no clue what to do with my hair, I would just get it straightened when it wasn't in braids. That did not mix well with me playing soccer and running track. And we won't even talk about the time that I burnt a chunk of hair out with the straightening comb. Eventually, I went back to the relaxer, and kept it on through college and up until I was 28. I had braid extensions a few times in college as well.

Needless to say, this endless cycle of abuse - natural, straightening comb, relaxer, braid extensions, too tight braid extensions, overlapping relaxers - took a toll on my poor follicles. I can tell you many horror stories about relaxers, but one that sticks out the most was my senior year in college. I had braided extensions for the senior cruise, and I took them out shortly after getting back. I wanted to get my relaxer in for the last activities of senior week, and graduation. I self relaxed, using Motions. Because I didn't know better, of course I overlapped the relaxer. I didn't want to leave it on too long, so after the shortest time listed on the container, I rinsed it out (I didn't know this term back then, but in essence I had texlaxed the new growth). It wasn't bone straight, like when my mom would do it. I dried it and fried it with the curling iron, and it was do-able, but not what I wanted.

I called my mom and lamented on the state of my hair. She said, "I'll just re-do it when I get up there for your graduation." Mind you, that was gonna be like, in a week. 2 weeks at the most. I said, "can you do that???" She said, "yeah, it'll be fine." CLUELESSNESS ABOUNDS ! And folks, she most certainly did re-relax my hair, the morning of graduation. My hair wasn't dyed, but it sure was fried and laid to the side. You couldn't tell me nuthin. But somebody needed to be telling me something, because that was all STRONG and WRONG.

I am thankful that I stumbled upon going natural, because I know my hair would not be as healthy as it is now. But I am dealing with the consequences and repercussions of horrible hair care throughout the years. I have permanent damage in the area of my temples. There is a bit of fuzzy hair there, but it will not fill in all the way and it will not grow long. I envy folks with full hair lines. Frankly, I'm surprised I don't have more damaged areas.

If you have a daughter, teach her about her hair! Teach her how to take care of it. Teach her that it IS beautiful in it's natural state. Make sure it's healthy, because healthy hair is beautiful, be it short or long. I'm not mad at my mom - she did the best she could, with what she knew. She never had long hair, and doesn't have it now. She has some unhealthy hair practices, but I have given up on trying to steer folks in the right direction. She's 66 years old, so I know she's gonna do her own thing, anyway. If I ever have a daughter, I'm pretty sure I will be OCD about her hair. I'll probably have to keep myself in check. But when she gets older, she won't be writing a blog about how her mom didn't really teach her about taking care of her hair and being proud of it - whether it's natural or relaxed. Her blog is going to be about how her momma worried her to death about taking care of her hair, and how she appreciates it, as a adult. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did you ever wonder...

...how it would feel to pull up a link to a crazy video on You.Tube, and you personally know the subject of the video???? That's what happened to me yesterday.

An online community that I belong to, has a forum where you can discuss just about anything. They are notorious for posting crazy YT videos. Like the one where the dude knew all the moves to 'Single Ladies.' Stuff like that. This girl posts a video and says that the person who sent it to her is being shunned for 24 hours...so I took that to mean it was really crazy. :lol: Of course, I could not watch it at work, and had to wait until I got home.

At lunch, I decided to pull up the video, for kicks and giggles. I fire it up and it's someone doing a rendition of a Beyonce song.

How about it's my ex's cousin????? And he is a dude. No boo-boo. Get off YT making videos where you do Beyonce and Rhianna and Ciara songs! What the heezy???

I immediately sent the ex a BBIM:
Me: "So, I just pulled up this video - it's *** singing a Beyonce song!! I really was not expecting to see someone I knew."
Him: "yep!"
Me: "I didn't know he was making YT videos????"
Him: "He is becoming a local celebrity. He has a lot (of videos)."

Um...that's not a good thing. Clearly he has not been online and read some of the remarks under the video. But then again, isn't there a saying that there's no such thing as bad publicity?


Monday, June 22, 2009

Bright and Early

My alarm was set for 6:00 a.m. I woke up at 5:58. I didn't sleep well, either. But, I got up anyway (I didn't have a choice, lol). I doled out my supplements for the week, and now I'm about to hit the shower, at about the time I would normally drag myself out of bed, after hitting snooze three times.

I haven't packed my gym clothes, and I'm not sure if I'm going to. This jackA$$ knocked me down last night at the rink, and I fell straight on to my stinkin' knee. Of course! So it's a little stiff/sore today. But I'm skipping Friday's work out, since my friend D and T are coming from SC. We're going to hit the shoe outlet and a Natural Hair Meet Up on Saturday. I still have no idea what we're going to do Friday evening. Maybe we will just hit up downtown, and stop by Mert's. D liked it before, when she came up her with her BF, and I sure do love Mert's cornbread. Don't need it, but I love it.

And in yesterday's hilarious moment at the rink - Security (I don't even remember his real name, he just works security at the rink) told me that he'd like to suck my toes. I had to put that status on FB because that was hilarious to me. Of course, my first thought was off the wall. I was thinking, "does he know how sweaty and funky my feet get in these skates?!?" I didn't even tell RB what he said...dude probably would have dropped to his knees and started praying right then and there. I told KC when he got here. He said, "WOW!" :lol: If you could have seen his face, you'd be laughing with me now.

Speaking of KC...yesterday was a very busy day for him at work, given that it was Father's Day. I didn't think he would make it to the rink, but he made one of the other managers stay, and he rolled out. Only to have to get up this morning and drive back up there to do paperwork, then back down here to be with his kids. When he told me of his plans last night, he said, "I just really, really wanted to skate."

I'm gonna take that as "code speak," that he really, really wanted to see me as well. :)

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today's hairstyle

Here's today's hairstyle. I hope I don't sweat this out tonight. I guess it'll be a gauge as to how it will hold up at the rink tomorrow. I need this to stay in through the end of the week, without me having to really re-do it. I may have to touch it up on Wednesday, though. I don't know if it will hold up after my workout and then a shower and heading to the bowling alley.

This took an hour and a half. I used mostly Asha's The Mane Attraction. But then I re-did some of the twists with the little bit of Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme that I had left over. I don't like all the ingredients in that stuff, but it will hold a twist. Maybe I'll get some of the regular buttercreme when they have their sale in December.

Friday, June 19, 2009


For some reason, I've been thinking back on what I was doing at this exact time last year. The bottom hadn't fallen out of the relationship with E just yet. It's Friday and it's balmy outside. We'd probably be sitting outside at a restaurant somewhere, talking about what our week was like...making plans for the weekend. Despite the crash and burn ending, we really did have some good times.

You couldn't have told me 2 years ago that this is where I'd be now. That we wouldn't be together...that we'd be barely speaking, and I'd want to hurl sharp objects at his head (well, not really...but you know what I'm saying). This is such a crazy turn of events.

I must have really been sending out the vibes last year at this time, because this is right about the time my mother and sisters started calling with out-of-the-blue statements like, "I just wanted to check on you and make sure you're ok," or "I just had the feeling I needed to call you. Initially, I did not tell them that things were not working out. Of course, I had no choice when we actually broke up. It's funny, the older we get, our ESP with each other just gets better.

So now, it's 2009. I just got home a little while ago from working out. It's Friday night and I have no plans. The most exciting event of this evening will be me oiling my hair. I have weekends where I really don't want to be bothered, but this is not one of them. I wish there was someone who cared about me, who would come over and rub my knee after I work out, or take me out to dinner to distract me from the rough week I've had. Really, I'm sitting here wondering if I'm ever going to have someone like that again. If he does come along, will I be smart enough to see him? Will I just push him away or totally jack the whole thing up? Am I even ready to be with him right now? If KC was actually close and accessible, could I hold up my end of the deal? I just don't know.


Operation HeadWrap has come to an end. 5 days was all I could take. Maybe I'll try it again next week. My head feels abnormally "light" today. Not that 2.5 yards of fabric is ultra heavy, but once you wrap it around your head, suddenly it's not as light as you thought it was.

My observations:
1. After day 3, I was ok with the wraps, because I got used to not having to deal with my hair at night or in the morning, other than oiling my scalp.

2. My hair feels ultra soft this morning, and should hold the twist out well, given that the twists were in since Saturday night.

3. Every other day, I will probably have to do the front two twists over, because they take the brunt of the weight of the wrap.

4. The nape needs to be braided - no ifs, ands, or buts. I noticed that tying the wraps and my scarves at night puts tension on that area. It was being pulled out of the flat twists. That's probably because, towards the back of my head, I can't twist that well. So, last night I made a horizontal part, about 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch up from the edge of my nape, and I braided that hair going across. It held very nicely. Matter of fact, the twist out is covering it up, so I forgot I had it in this morning. LOL!

5. Overall, I think this was a good, protective challenge...and I'll do it again, as long as my edges don't show any signs of damage.

On another note, my best friends and I are planning a trip to Vegas for next spring. Some time next May - I don't remember the exact dates. My friend K is deathly afraid of flying. So much so, that she missed our trip to Hawaii back in 2005. Then when she saw the pics, she wished that she had gone. On Wednesday, she had to fly to California for a wedding. N sent us a note on the Book of Faces this morning, that K made it safely and in one piece, and is now gung ho for the trip to Vegas. Whoo hoo!

I'm so happy it's Friday. Now I just need to make it to 5:00. Well, I just need to make it through my work out. Then the weekend can officially begin. I really slacked on Wednesday. I only did 15 minutes of cardio. I was tired! I had no energy. I did do some lifting, so I just called it a day. I'll have to try to get a good distance run in today, if my knee holds up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5

I am so ready to take these twists out, I can't stand it! I will liberate them tomorrow morning. 5 days was all I could do. I think after I do my ayurvedic treatment on Saturday, I'm going to try and actually put them into a style. I did this back in November a few times:

I'm still working on perfecting the front. I think my hair is a little longer now, so it should be interesting. I will try it this weekend, and post pics if it turns out well. :)

Ruchita Ayurveda's site says you are supposed to get a shipping notice within 4-7 business days. I placed my order on June 7th. We're on the 9th business day and I don't have my shipping notice. Wooo-sah. If I don't have it by tomorrow morning, they'll be getting an email. I need my powders! I'm ready to try that henna for the first time. Is it rocket science to get something shipped out? My coconut oil should arrive today - I hope UPS leaves it at the rental office and not at my door. My HairVeda is here...but still with USPS. As usual, they will try to deliver it today, and I won't be home, so they'll leave me a little pink card on my door. I will then have to drive over Hell's Half Acre to the post office, which is nowhere near my apartment, to pick it up. Such is life.

***ETA: Jackpot! Went home for lunch today and my coconut oil and my HairVeda products were delivered! Well, UPS had just dropped the coconut oil at the office. The mail lady was too busy talking on her cell phone, so I just walked up to her and asked if she had a package for me. LOL!***

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day!

I'm really ready for this week to be over. I was ready yesterday, but it was only Tuesday. Come on, Friday! I'm waitin' for ya.

Yesterday, I really wanted to go home and chill, but I decided to go skating, since RB was making an effort to skate at the rink here (instead of SC), and he asked me to come. I felt slightly guilted into going; he knew that I went last week to help KC with his backwards skating. I'm sure I would have had to hear it if I didn't go this week.

It was productive. He taught me this new spin move, that I'm going to have to practice to perfect. The whole thing about me spinning, is that I'm just scared of falling and incurring some kind of crazy injury. Everyone at the rink says, "don't be afraid to fall." OK - obviously these folks don't know how much of a klutz I can be. I mean, years ago I ruptured a tendon in my pinky finger while bowling. I can't even tell you the exact mechanism of the injury. Just know that if there's some weird injury to be had, it's coming to me.

At the end of the night, we were on our way out the door, and one of the rink employees decides to give his 2 cents of opinion as he's sweeping up the floor. He sees us walking out and says, "man, she wasn't no good without you on Sunday..." or something to that affect.

What??? Great! Now he's going to have delusions of grandeur that I can't have fun at the rink without him. Not! Everything was fine and dandy once KC arrived. Anywho, I just sort of looked at the dude like, "I need you to shut up now." Dude goes on his way sweeping, and RB says, "yeah...somebody else said something similar to me when I first got here. I mean, not that I have spies checking on you at the rink or anything." Um, I KNOW you don't have "spies" checking on me at the rink. Are you TRYING to get cussed out?? Whatever, man! I didn't even entertain the conversation after that, because I know I would have just said something crazy. When we got outside, he gave me a box that had my old wheels and bearings in it. He had cleaned them and prepped them in case I needed to use the bearings again. So, he was forgiven for that stupid conversation. :lol:

In other random news, today will be day 4 of wearing these same flat twists. They've been under a different head wrap each day. My scalp is itching. It's time for a co-wash. I will have to do that tonight after work. I really would like to keep these in until Friday morning. We'll see. I may tighten them up after tonight's work out.

An ex-acquaintance emailed me yesterday. I can't even call him a boyfriend, because he wasn't. I referenced him in a previous post, but I never gave him a name. Let's call him Night Owl. Night Owl and I had been talking online for over 3 years before we finally actually gave "dating" a try. This is back in the fall, about 4 months after I broke up with the ex. Night Owl lives in ATL, and of course, I live in Charlotte. I tried to warn that fool about the pitfalls of LDR's, but he didn't want to listen. He did a lot of driving back and forth, I did some (he liked driving more than I did). It's not like we saw each other every weekend. Night Owl decided, shortly after my birthday, that he wasn't spending enough time with his sons. Note: he was always with them, talking to him, and his ex-wife was always calling about something random whenever we had a weekend together. Right - side eye. OK, fine. I've never been one to deprive the chil'ren, if that's what you feel, then peace out.

Around this same time, he gets laid off from his job. I guess it was good that we called it a day anyway, because now it wasn't going to be financially feasible. We still chatted occasionally. I don't cut folks completely off, unless they commit some type of egregious error.

Fast forward about a month or so - this fool has updated his page that he now has a girlfriend - some chick he used to work with before he got laid off. What? You told me you needed to spend more time with your sons. You ain't got ta lie, Craig! You ain't got ta lie! (that's from Friday, for those of y'all who don't know, lol). I cannot tolerate folks lying, especially about some BS. That's really a waste of a lie and so unnecessary. So, he was cut off from all communications - de-friended on the Book of Faces (thanks, Au Naptural), his phone number was removed from my phone, and he was removed from Yahoo IM. When I erase you, it's like the Mafia - all traces have been removed.

So yesterday, this cat up and emails me at work (he apparently saved the email address), talking about, "Hey...it's been a long time. Just wanted to see how you've been." How I've been? Seriously? Ninja, please! I am only one person in the black community, but right now I am really frowning upon your SHENANIGANS.

I didn't even go off on him. First and foremost, it WAS work email...had that been my hotmail he would have been in trouble. Secondly, he is clearly TOO STUPID to even realize that he has been erased. There's a REASON you haven't heard from me. You are messy! Get a clue.

It was just way too early in the week for all of yesterday's events. And that was a really long, random post. But, that's been my life lately - random! Have a good Wednesday. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 3

So this is the beginning of day 3 with my hair in those twists from Saturday night. I've just been wearing head wraps. I'm tired of these wraps. I'm itching to get my hands in my hair. Last night I rinsed the twists after my workout, and applied some moisturizer and then sealed with HairVeda's Cocasta Shikakai hair oil. I meant to oil my edges again this morning before I left for work, but I forgot. That is my only concern with the head wraps. I try not to pull them too tight, but I am still concerned about my edges. I just don't like many protective styles on me. I might try the twist updo again that I did back in the fall. If I do, I will post pics.

I've got to work out and bowl tomorrow, so it's likely that these twists will make it to day 4. I do like that I don't have to do my hair in the mornings or at night, besides oiling my scalp. And in the end, it is better for my ends to be under wraps. I guess I just need to get my hand-in-fro disease under control.

Monday, June 15, 2009

11 Minute Mile

On Mondays I usually try to get a 30 minute jog in. Mostly because Mondays SUCK at work, and by the time I get downstairs and lift, I don't have time for much else. Today was no different. I had a lot that still needed to be done, but at 6:10pm I called it a night.

I decided that on Mondays I will work on my speed within that 30 minutes. Wednesdays are for faster intervals, and Fridays are my distance days. The plan for this Monday was to run at 5.4 mph for the first 15 minutes, and 5.5 mph for the last 15 minutes. I know it doesn't seem like much of a change, but I can personally feel every 10th of a mile per hour...LOL

I warmed up with a 3 minute walk and then started my jog. Y & R was pretty good today, it was definitely a distraction from looking at the clock on the treadmill. At 10 minutes, I decided to be bold and push it up to 5.5. I ran at 5.5 for 22:58. So it took me 32:58 to go 3 miles...or basically 33 minutes, which is an 11 minute mile!

I hope I can keep this pace up. I don't know how accurate that treadmill is at keeping time, but I definitely was running faster than I normally do. I can see that 10 minute mile over the horizon, but I still have a ways to get there. I'm psyched!At some point I'll have to learn how to translate this to running on the road, and being able to keep up the pace out there. It might be time to invest in Nike+. I have an iPod Nano that I have not been using. I could take that on runs. Only thing is, I can't buy the Nike sneakers that are made specifically for the Nike+ pedometer, because I have flat feet. Nike no likey the flat footed people. I have to stick with Brooks or Mizuno for running sneakers. I think there is a way to hook it to the outside of your sneaker - I'll have to do some research.


I'm just a big kid at heart. I love card games...all kinds of games. I think I'm going to check this out on Saturday. You can't beat that for $10! And I know I'll have way more fun than the club.

Have any of you ever been to Playdates in your city? If so, what was it like?

It's Monday already?

That's how I felt when I woke up this morning. This weekend went by entirely TOO fast, and I really didn't do a whole bunch. Saturday was spent doing my hair (see previous post) and downloading music in iTunes. iTunes cracks me up. They will have random videos for songs, but not the songs themselves. I was looking for "Right Now" - Al B. Sure. They had the cheesy video, but not the song? How do you have the video available for downloading, but not the song? The same thing happened when I was looking for "Roses Are Red" (The Mac Band). I ended up finding that on another bootleg source which shall remain nameless...but not such luck with "Right Now." Anybody got that song?

RB didn't skate last night. He called to tell me earlier that afternoon, but I let it go to voice mail. I listened to it when I was on the way to the rink. I called him back, but he didn't answer. When I got to the rink, I sent him a text message to ask why he wasn't skating. He said several reasons, and it was too long to text. Um...ok. As I expected, everybody and their momma was coming up to me, wanting to know where he was, and why he wasn't there. I get the feeling that these folks are under the impression that we are dating. And it can't be because we skate together, because I skate with KC all the time and nobody asks me about him. But that could be because we are very incognegro at the rink, and sort of act indifferent to each other. People would be shocked if they could actually hear what we talk about when we are skating. :lol: I don't know what RB is telling these folks, but whatever it is, he needs to stop. He's moving closer to the Come to Jesus meeting, and he doesn't even know it.

If someone could please find my motivation, that would be great. I need to put out an APB. I keep looking at what I have to do today, and then coming back to the blog. I left work at 5:00 on Friday. I got 6 messages between 5:05pm and 5:39pm. Then one fool had the nerve to leave a message yesterday. Fool, what does my voice mail say? 8:00 - 4:30 EST!!! And it says Monday through Friday! Ain't nobody here on freakin' Sunday! I'm really over dealing with all these stupid people. It's time for me to win the lottery. Then I can open up my skating rink/bowling alley.

Welcome to Monday, peeps.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy bones

I really have not been anywhere this weekend. Last weekend was Taste of Charlotte - this weekend, nothing! My plan was to jump on eventful.com and see what was going on in Charlotte, or to check out KD's blog for the listing of the haps this weekend. None of that came to fruition.

What I DID do, was give myself an Ayurvedic treatment with shikakai and fenugreek, since those are the only two powders I have on hand right now. I kind of went crazy on products this week. My rationale is that I'm stocking up. Which is basically true. I re-ordered conditioner and deep conditioner from HairVeda. I ordered a gallon of virgin, unrefine coconut oil from Mountain Rose Herbs (it works out cheaper than constantly going to Home Economist to buy their jars for $20 - the gallon was $37). I also just bit the bullet and got some Ayurvedic powders from Ruchita Ayurveda, because the lady from the Indian grocery store never DID call me, and the store is way across hell's half acre...I just didn't feel like driving over there this weekend. Shoot - gas prices are going back up. LOL!

So here are some pics of the treatment, which I also posted in my Fotki:

INGREDIENTS: I usually don't add oil to it, but since I was out of my other moisturizing powders, I figured, "why not?" That's about 3 tablespoons of shikakai powder and 4-5 of fenugreek...and random dribblings of bringraj oil until I felt satisfied. I sort of winged it this time. If you are going to try shikakai, I would definitely measure the first time around, and use more moisturizing powders (maka, brahmi, fenugreek) than shikakai. Or you could really just skip this mess and go with the kalpi tone powder, because it has a mixture of everything. I have some of that coming in my Ruchita Ayurveda order. Mix the powders well before hand, then add hot water and mix again. I chose to boil drinking water this time. Sometimes I use distilled water.

PREPARATION: The night before, I did not wash my hair after my work out. I came home and slathered on a generous amount of Dabur Vatika oil, put it in 8 fat twists, and called it a night. It is important to pre-oil your hair before you use the powders. You can do it for an hour, or overnight, but the oil needs to be on for at least an hour. I separated the hair into four parts, as show above.

APPLICATION: Slather it on! Go to town. I apply it like I do hair color, or back in the day, a relaxer - except with these powders you want it from root to tip, not just on the new growth. I start in the back (usually on the right, but that's just me), and make small horizontal parts with my fingers. I don't use gloves, but if you don't like your hands to be messy, or you hate the feeling of gook under your nails, use gloves. :)

You can put a plastic cap on your head and mosey around the house doing chores, etc. Or, you can sit under a heat cap for like 20 - 30 minutes. I personally prefer to apply a little more heat than just my body heat. When you are done, rinse in the shower with the warmest water you can stand (not really hot, though).

RINSED HAIR! The result is shiny, stronger hair! I can tell the difference each time I use shikakai. That's probably how I was able to hold on to those crunchy ends for so long. As you can see, shrinkage in effect mode! After this, I put it back in the four sections, and let it air dry a bit. I then applied HairVeda's Sitrinillah Deep Conditioner and went back to the heat cap. You have to apply something moisturizing after using the shikakai, otherwise your hair will feel slightly dry.

AIR DRY: After the deep conditioner is done, I put my hair back in those same four sections, and to each section I apply Asha's The Mane Attraction, and then seal with the Dabur Vatika Oil. I then twist each section into a little mini bun (as shown), and put a scarf over it to let it dry. This particular day, I put a head wrap over that, and headed out to Trader Joe's and Vitamin World, to refill some supplements I needed. And then to Food Lion for ice cream...yeah, I know. Not necessary! Oh well. LOL! This pic was taken after I got back home and took the scarf and wrap off. I even got a little wave action there. And now I see that my neck was greasy...

FLAT TWO STRAND TWISTS: I took down the little buns, and put in flat two strand twists. These will be in today and tomorrow, unil I work out. Then I'll have to figure out if I'm going to just rinse the salt/sweat out and keep it moving, or if I have to re-do them. I hope I can just leave them in. I'll be wearing a head wrap to the rink tonight, because these twists are not for public consumption. Ideally, I'd like to leave these in all week and wear wraps, as a protective style. I don't know how well that's going to work out, but we shall see!

It sounds more difficult and time consuming than it is. I mean, it doesn't take 10 minutes, but it doesn't have to take all day, either. I just had nothing to do, so I took my time with each step. My hair thanks me for delving into Ayurveda. I mean the color alone - the henna in the Vatika oil is making my hair darker, which I love. I have decided to forego any commercial color at this time. I ordered some Henna from Ruchita and I plan to try and cover the grays at my temple, or at least make them look like highlights. I'll be sure to post pics!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


My mom generally doesn't call me during the week, unless something is wrong, or she has a question. She works two jobs, so her free time is limited. So when my phone rang on Tuesday, I got that "uh oh" feeling. It's weird, but whenever she is calling me to tell me that something is wrong, I just know. I can feel it.

My grandma had a stroke on Monday. She had a minor one before, years ago. It affected her left side. At first, my mom and my aunts and uncle didn't even think she had had the stroke. But then, you could look at her face and see that the left side was drooping a bit. This latest stroke affected her right side. My uncle had gone up to the nursing home to see her (and to get on the staff to make sure they were doing what they needed to do). She wasn't in her room. She likes to take walks around, so that wasn't completely unusual. When he went to find her, she was stopped in a corner, and he could tell immediately that something was wrong.

Grandma has dementia...she only recognizes my mom, my aunt and my uncle. She has a little doll that she takes care of, that is her "baby." We just go with it. It truly is like she is a child all over again. But you know what? She is 98, and anybody who stays on this earth this long, can do whatever she wants to do. :) My mom has said that she's doing well now, although she's still not using her right hand. My mom will have to do her physical therapy with her, because she won't go with the therapist unless my mom, my uncle or my aunt are there. They can't be there during the day, and the therapist does not have a night shift.

I worry about my mom, working all these hours, and then being up at the nursing home. She's lucky if she can eek 4 hours of sleep out of a day. But then again, if she didn't have all these "things" to do, I think she would be totally bored. I'm guessing that now she's going to put off her back surgery, which was supposed to be done in August.

I was thinking last night...my mom and my grandma have always been in my life. I don't know how I will adjust once they are gone. I think I will be at peace as far as my grandma is concerned. She lived a full life, and the dementia only started in the last 10 years. I certainly don't want her to suffer. With my mom, I just don't know how I will be. I don't even want to think about it. I've only lost one close relative, and that was my Aunt Lennie, who passed away in 2001. She was my mom's younger sister. Actually, she was the youngest out of the 6 of them. She had esophageal cancer. She had a course of chemo and radiation, and surgery was done. They thought they got the cancer. But 6 months later, it was back with a vengeance. She went in the hospital the day after Thanksgiving, and passed away 5 days before Christmas. That was a bad holiday season...I have never seen my mom so emotionally torn up in all my life. I've only seen my mom cry 3 times that I can remember, and that time was the worst.

I really love my family. I'm glad that we really are able to enjoy each other's company. I don't think I've ever had a true argument with my brothers and sisters. I am so thankful for that. I definitely appreciate every moment we have together. When the bad times come along, you really appreciate the good times that much more.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Just Sayin'...

I need a spa day, or something. Do they still make Calgon? I need to be taken away. You know you need a break when your main focus is to aggravate someone else. I mean, my main focus this morning was to get here this morning so I could call this woman who had really been aggravating me for the past two days. My intention was to wake her azz up. You wanna call me 16 times? OK, I'm calling you at 6:45 a.m. - deal with that! Unfortunately, I didn't get to call her until 8:15 a.m. my time, which was 7:15 a.m. her time. She was already up. I was really looking forward to that being the highlight of my morning, but she messed it up. Oh well.

IJS...I need people to exercise patience and quit ringing my phone off the hook.

I don't have any days scheduled off this week. My supervisor swore that Miss Annual Stress Leave was coming back this week. I knew that heifer was not coming. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that you don't take stress leave for 3 mere weeks. Come on, now. My whole unit was just over this place, yesterday. My sup came through asking us how were our weekends...I think everybody gave her some lame azz answer. She was real close to getting the Negro-Shenanigans picture handed to her on a post card, signed by the three of us. LOL! I didn't even turn around from my computer. You just assigned me 7 new claims, do you think I am thinking about my weekend? Go sit down. Chick breezes in here around 9:00 a.m., and leaves around 5:00 p.m. I see her coming and going - I get here before her, and 9 times out of 10, when she leaves, I am still here. To her credit, she has figured out when to approach and when to leave me alone. She gets 5 cool points for that.

IJS...I need for some of these managers to take a step back, and remember what it was like to be in the trenches.

I went to Starbucks and got a venti latte...it's one of THOSE days. I'll be lucky to get out of here by 6:00. K.C. is supposed to be down this way with his kids...he mentioned going to the rink today, so he could work on his backwards skating. I don't even know if I'll have the energy, but if he calls, I'll find a way to work it out. This seeing each other 1x per week is really for the birds. But, I guess I just need to exercise patience, right? The man has goals, and he's working hard to achieve them.

IJS...I need a smidgen more romance in my life. I've been on a 4.5 month hiatus...I'm ready to get back in the game.

I'm just so NOT where I thought I would be at 34. No hubby, no chaps, no house...just bills and stress. One of my friends from college has been married for 9 years, and they are about to have their fourth child. A girl I went to HS with, who is about three years younger than me, got married a few years ago and just announced on FB that they are about to have their first child together (she already has a daughter from a previous relationship). Just about everyone I grew up with has an established family life, except for my group of close knit friends (wonder why that is?). Well, my best friend got married last August, but they already decided they didn't want to have any kids. I remember, back in fifth grade, she said she wanted to have 5 kids...and already had their names picked out. LOL! Anyway, I just feel like I'm at a crossroads, and every decision I make over the next year is mad critical. I'll be 35 in January. Don't get me wrong - I am most definitely NOT going out here to randomly get married or issue forth some chaps by some cat I barely know. I'm just saying that if these things don't happen in the next year or so, I'm likely going to have to skip that chapter of life. That's sort of depressing, but it is what it is! I don't see myself popping out kids at age 42.

IJS...I know there are some good things going on in my life as well...I guess today is one of those days where I'm thinking about the not-so-good.

Maybe later I'll write a blog about the things I'm grateful for, and the blessings in my life.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, Monday

I'm quoting The Mamas and The Papas today. All day:

"Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all of the time"

That's how I'm feeling right about now. I'm so tired...but I refuse to give up my skating. My right knee hurts a little bit. Last night, I took some 800 mg Motrin at the rink, to head off the stiffness at the pass. I neglected to have some food in my stomach, so then my stomach was hurting at the rink. Dumb! I will have to sneak in a snack or two on Sundays, if I'm going to take the Ibuprofen.

This weekend was all about the Taste of Charlotte. This would have been something cool to do with KC, but as usual, he was working like a Hebrew slave at the restaurant. RB can be cool to hang out with, when he understands the concept of hanging out AS FRIENDS. I just didn't want to go down that road with him, so I went by myself. I ended up meeting up with one of my friends, who had taken her son down there.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I ended up buying 21 coins. At TOC, there is no "admission fee." You just buy coins that you use to purchase samples from the vendors. Most items cost 2 - 3 coins. They had some kiddie games/rides for the kids, and those were usually 1 coin. (At Taste of Atlanta last year, you had to pay an admission fee, and they gave you this bracelet to wear. After you got the bracelet, you could then buy the tickets to get your samples. That was some frackle nackle bull. Admission fee???) I got down to TOC around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, and by the time I left at 10:00, I still had 15 coins. All I had that night was some Cake Batter ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, and a Leapin' Lizard smoothie from Planet Smoothie. I used to drink those smoothies all the time when I lived in ATL. We really don't have a lot of Planet Smoothie locations here. And to me, Smoothie King just ain't the same. As for the Cake Batter ice cream, that was my first time trying it, and it truly was like licking the spatula after your mom got finished making the batter for Duncan Hines yellow cake. Yummy! I think I have a new favorite ice cream flavor...

On Sunday, I woke up around 9:30 or so. I called my mom and we talked for a couple of hours. I got her to recap the story of when she first met my dad. So I will consider that entry 1 in the "interview series" I referenced a few weeks ago. Now I have to call my dad and get his version of the meeting. I bet you $5 it's different. LOL! I think this interview project will be really fun. I would like to sit and talk to them when I go home in July, but I don't want to take my laptop on the plane (the keyboard is broken, and I'm using a temporary plug in keyboard, until I get one off the net and get Geek Squad to install it). Maybe I will get one of those mini-tape recorders, and then I can transcribe the convos when I get home.

I wore a white dress to TOC on Sunday. I was so worried about getting food on it, but what I did get on it was make up. I have a habit of touching my face and then forgetting that I now have make up on my fingers, and then touching my clothes. I don't know why I even bother trying to wear white. I used up all but 2 of my tokens. The first stop was Coldstone Creamery (I know - it's a sickness), then I went to Chen's Bistro for sesame chicken and rice. I probably should have gotten that first. I let that digest, and then stopped by Dixie's Tavern, for what they called 'Death by Chocolate Brownie.' It was just so-so, IMHO. A good brownie/ice cream combo for me, means a warm brownie, which melts the ice cream as soon as it hits. The brownie needs to be somewhat rich. Their brownie was dry as the Sahara, and it had walnuts. Boooo! Maybe it's better at the restaurant. I let that settle, and then since I couldn't find anything "new" to use my last 5 coins on, I settled for using 3 back at Planet Smoothie, and got a Leapin' Lizard for the road. I saw one of my Natural Hair Meet-Up group members while I was down there. All in all, I had a good time. I'm going to have to start getting out by myself more often.

KC said something last night that made me laugh, but now I'm thinking about it more. We were talking about his job. Right now, he's managing the kitchen...but he'd really like to be a GM one day. If not with the company he's with now, then with another one. He was telling me about the trials and tribulations of dealing with his co-workers in the small town he's working in. In regard to where he is now, he said, "they think this is a destination for me, but it's really just a pit stop." It was the way he said it, and the context of our conversation, that made me chuckle. This morning I thought about it - is this my destination, or my pit stop? Originally I thought it was a destination. I saw opportunities for management. But now, we've downsized. And frankly, working for a third party administrator is always a little bit iffy. Especially if they are silly enough to only have ONE major client. If that client decides to jump ship, we're screwed. I've gotten to know some of the ins and outs of managing here. The requirements of the managers here are totally unrealistic and outrageous. But I wonder - is it like that everywhere? Decisions, decisions.

OK, this is long as hell, and I need to do some work. Happy Monday, Blogspot!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Four point five

Yesterday, we had our office cookout at my team leader's house. I couldn't eat the hot dogs, the baked beans, or one of the salads there, because they all had pork. I know this is the south and everything, but could we get some more variety on the menu? Get chicken hot dogs! Something! Luckily they had hamburgers, so I had one of those, and some three bean salad (I think that's what it was), and some chips. I went back for a second helping, and then accidentally knocked over my plate while we were playing Uno. I guess that was Yah's way of telling me to skip it.

They let us leave the cook out at 3:00. I really wanted to go home and chill, but I knew I had not practiced the best eating habits this week, so I made myself work out. I didn't lift weights on Monday or Wednesday, trying to let my knee have a break. I was determined to get some weights in, so I took some 800 mg Motrin and pressed on. I was gentle on the legs, though. When I finished lifting, I looked at that treadmill and started drumming up excuses for NOT doing the cardio. But I knew I had no choice.

I jumped on and started my five minute warm up (walking). Started my jog, and about 10 minutes into it, I was talking myself out of running for the 40 minutes I had planned. Friday is usually my longest run of the week. I made myself press on.

In the end, I jogged for 50 minutes 38 secs, for a total of 4.5 miles.

That's the longest distance I've jogged at one time, since I started working out in the fall. I probably could have been there already, but for the bronchitis in February/March, and the ear infection in April. I'm so glad I kept jogging and didn't give up.

I would like to get down to a 10 minute mile...anything faster than that will be bonus, but I at least need to get to 10 minutes. That will enable me to run a 5K in 30 minutes or less. I started working out for weight loss and health...but now I'm starting to push myself to meet goals, just like I did in high school.

I can't wait to get my speed up, because then I won't have to jog as long to hit the same distances. I'm working my way towards the 11 minute mile right now. I know that's slow for the folks who run on a regular basis, but that's fast for me! I was always a sprinter in high school, so frankly, I'm amazed that I'm even jogging these distances. LOL!

I need to work on my flexibility, and I think that will help with my knees as well. I'd like to find a pilates class here. The question is, when would I have time to go? I guess I would just make time.

The only bad news is that the cellulite seems to be here to say. :( I don't know how much fat I need to burn to get it to fade, but obviously I'm not burning enough! Ah well.

Anywho, if you've set exercise goals for yourself, I wish you well! If you haven't started exercising yet, get out and move! Even if you walk around the block with your kids or the dog, it's exercise. You don't have to go to the gym to get a workout. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

You Must Learn!

Y'all remember that song from BDP?

Anyway, those three words are so true. We have the internet at our finger tips. You don't even have to leave the house to go to the library. You can learn about anything and everything on there! You want to know about something? Surf the web while you're (half) watching tv. There are websites for just about everything.

That being said, I totally believe that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. People ask me questions all the time regarding hair care, and weight loss/exercise,and other subjects. At first, I used to give all the answers. I used to spoon feed everything. Well, the spoon has been put back in the drawer. I will provide websites, but I'm not looking up the threads for you. I'm not explaining the difference between protein conditioners and moisturizing conditioners. I cannot physically come to your house and hold your hand, and walk you over to the treadmill and put you on it. I'm not going to clean up your credit report for you - go to Creditboards and learn how to do it. At this point, I'm going to take folks to the river, but it's gonna be up to them to stick out their tongues and lap up the goodness.

Maybe it's just me, but I find I have more appreciation for the things I have taken the time to learn on my own. The best part is, once you have that knowledge, no one can take it away from you! It sticks with you. If you face that situation again, you'll know what to do.

Now, that being said, I know the difference between folks who will take the tidbits I give them and do more research, and the folks who just want me to tell them what to do. The first set of people will get my advice with no problem. I know they are honestly wanting to work to do better. The rest of 'em? Pound sand! If you are able-bodied and literate, you can do the same research I did. Heck, you might find even better information than I did!

Reading is fundamental. We can do it! It's time to stop being lazy.



This seemed like a really long week. I'm glad it's Friday! It's raining cats and dogs here, and we are supposed to have our office cookout at my supervisor's house. Apparently, she has a lot of land. This will be my first time attending, as I wasn't here last year when they had the cook out. I hope she got a tent, or something. Otherwise, I'll be traipsing through her house, because I refuse to be outside in the rain! LOL

I went skating last night. Thursday nights are a slow night, not many people, unless they have a party or a fundraiser. We use Thursdays for practice. One of my old co-workers said she was coming out, but she ended up cancelling on me. RB said he was tired, and didn't know if he'd make it out...but of course, when I pulled in the parking lot, he was there. We had a good practice session. At one point, we're skating together doing this move and he says, "we make a good couple...you sure you don't want me??" Er...um...what? I just busted out laughing! He caught me totally off guard with that one.

I came in to work this morning, and my co-worker had forwarded this email. Allegedly, Applebee's was giving out a $50 gift certificate if you forwarded the email to 9 people. Yeah, right! So, in my usual fashion, I proceeded to Google and found the link to the Snopes.com article stating that the email is false, as well as the link to Applebee's website where they state that the email is false. I then replied to everyone with those links. I wish folks would research, before just forwarding the madness. Especially on work email! Hello?

Taste of Charlotte is this weekend. Crappy weather, but I guess I'll check it out. Anybody doing anything exciting this weekend?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


OMG...this is not for the "sensitive" folks. I laugh at just about everything, and I know some folks do not have the same sense of humor as me.

Sometimes, when I am emailing my friends, I will perform Google searches for images that match what I am trying to say. I usually send them to co-workers and friends.

So, I did a search for "shenanigans," and found this:

Look at ol' boy, to the right of the guy at the podium. I don't know what this picture is truly about, but he really looks like he is OUTDONE. My stomach hurts right now. I have been laughing so hard, yet trying to hold it in, 'cause I'm at work. Freakin' hilarious! Whoever made this pic, I love you, dammit!


Good (Hair) Day

Today is a good day...and a good hair day. Since I cut my hair, it is so much more healthy looking. Twist outs hold better definition, and there is less frizz. Ladies, whatever you do, DO NOT hold on to scraggly, uneven ends! Let them go. Your hair will thank you for it.

Here are a few pics:

(Could I be a little more shiny? LOL)

Hair line...I'm working on trying to thicken it up. I did shape it up with a razor, so it would look a little neater.

Lookin' a little scalp-y. Not to panic - there are no bald spots. After I take my twists out in the morning, I don't comb them. I use my fingers to move them into place. I must not have smudged the part line enough...so you're basically seeing the area where the parts were.

Right side - I love this pic, even though it's off center. That's what happens when your arms are too short. LOL! Looking at this, I can truly tell that my hair has benefitted from the trim. It looks 100% better.

One last one for the road. :)

No matter what type of hair you have - short, long, relaxed, natural, curly or straight - healthy hair always looks the best. Put your best foot forward, ladies!

Well, that's the end of my lunch break - I'm headed back to work. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too funny

Yesterday, I ended up working much later than I intended. I had to cut my work out short, and skip the weights. So I hit the treadmill and watched 90210, and the first 10 minutes of Y & R. I never really realized how cheesy 90210 was...

After my work out, I decided to head to the grocery store. I knew I had some honey roasted turkey at home, so I was going to have a sandwich for dinner. But I needed some potato chips and some dill pickles. I polished off an entire jar of pickles last week. Gone. I get these crazy food cravings sometimes. They last for a week or two, and then I'm done. I won't eat that food again for a while. So right now, it's pickles.

But, it's also Edy's Fun Flavors Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. It's my sister's fault. When she was here in March, she bought some. I tried it and now I'm hooked.

So when I went to check out, I had the Edy's Ice Cream, the pickles, the chips, and then some cereal and milk. I know that casheir was thinking, "when is the baby due?" Because if I was him, that's what I would have been thinking. LOL!

I think that the next time I need those items, I will NOT buy them all at the same time. He was looking at me funny the whole time he was ringing up my items. Just bag the groceries, man! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Are we seeing the same thing??

I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post. Ooops!

Isn't it funny how two different people can see the same situation in different ways? I had to chuckle about that this evening, after a phone call I got from RB.

RB has this crush on me, like I have a crush on KC. Like, if this was junior high, he would have passed me the note by now. You know the one: "Will you go with me?" - and then the three boxes for "yes," "no," and "maybe." He acknowledges that he understands that I'm not feeling him that way. But that doesn't stop him from bringing things up, in an effort to prove some kind of point.

We both normally get to the rink early, so we leave our bags in the same area. That usually results in us walking out at the same time. Last night, I got my shoes on, and then I decided to hit the vending machine to get something to drink. When I came back, he had gotten up and was talking to some people. So I ran and grabbed my bag, and then I ended up having my own side bar conversations.I walked out to my car and got in to leave. RB got to his car after me, and waved good bye, and then I left.

Tonight he called me, because he felt bad about leaving my bag sitting there and felt he should have grabbed it. Um...ok? **insert crickets chirping** It really wasn't that big of a deal! I told him it was fine, there was nothing to apologize for. He went into some other small talk, and then said, "and there was something else I wanted to say to you."

Oh lawd. Here we go! Jesus take the wheel. There always has to be some type of dramatic start to his dialogue. Why?

He proceeds to say, "well...I just wanted you to know, that if I had a girlfriend...I wouldn't skate with other women as much." Um...ok? I mean, I don't know what to say sometimes when he comes out with these revelations, because really it all has to do with me and KC, but he won't just come out and say it. I'm trying to work on my smart-assedness...so the alternative is to pause and really think of a response that won't be snarky. But, I know why he's saying this. KC and I skated all three slow songs together, laughing and talking...only acknowledging other folks when we needed to get around folks who were in the way. RB was forced to skate with a couple of chicks he was tutoring.

I asked him, "what is it that you think you're doing wrong?" Everybody knows that if you want to learn something, you go to RB. He has the most patience out of anyone in that rink, when it comes to teaching people moves. People go to him all the time for help. I should hope that if he had a girlfriend, and she was a skater, she would understand. It certainly is his choice to choose NOT to skate with folks - but it's not mine.

At this point, I think he was waiting for me to say, "I agree! If I had a boyfriend I wouldn't skate with other guys as much." I said nothing, and continued munching on my sandwich, Sun Chips, and dill pickle (I've been obsessed with pickles lately. No, there's no bun in the oven. LOL). Then I told him - just to be contrary - that I really don't see what the problem was, and I don't think he'd be doing anything wrong. If he had hair, he'd be pulling it out, after dealing with me. LOL!

I could tell that he wanted to say more, but I just steered him away from that convo. Distracted him by talking about improvements that need to be made to that rink, what I would do if I was running my own rink, etc. That usually keeps him occupied. I just was not in the mood to have the "Come to Jesus" meeting with him tonight. But I see that it's going to happen sooner, rather than later.

It's Monday, and I'm smiling??

It's KC's fault. I'm having a hard time creating space between us. I like attention. If somebody is into me, and I'm into them, we need to spend time together. Even if it's just chillin' on the couch, watching a movie. I already know that time is NOT a commodity he has. He works 12-15 hour days most weeks, and then he's working an hour and a half away from here. By the time he gets to the rink, I've already been there for 2 hours. And this morning, he left for a 3 day trip to TX. Why am I torturing myself??

Probably because I really enjoy our conversations, when we do get to have them. He makes me laugh. And then when HE laughs, the dimples pop.

I actually stopped at Starbucks today and STILL made it to work early. Now I'm going to fix some oatmeal, and then try to carry this happy feeling throughout the day. Let's hope nobody calls to try and ruin it!

In hair-related news, I wore a twist out puff to the rink last night. Sweated up a storm. Came home and did not re-twist, just tied a scarf on it and prayed. It's making for nice 2nd day hair. Another advantage to keeping the ends neat and tidy. Now I need to step up my maintenance game, to keep these ends in order. The woman from the Indian grocery store never did call me to let me know that the powders she ordered are in. I'm just going to have to roll up on that store this weekend. Since I'm happy today, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, that maybe she lost the piece of paper she wrote everything on. Yeah...that's the ticket. :)