Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On a lighter note

Guess who came back to work today? You guessed it! Ms. Stress Leave. My sup came by yesterday on her way out, and said that SL might be back today. At that point, I just thought "whatever," but I kept it to myself. This morning, I heard someone ask her if she was stress free, and this chick said no. What could have possibly been stressing you when you been chillin' for SIX WEEKS? Please! I know you better get to working, that's all I know. My pending is 130 and yours is 74. I don't wanna hear speak, spit or spaghetti about stress from her.

This morning, I had to take my car in to get brake pads. It is also in desparate need of a wash and vacuum. Really, it needs to be detailed - the inside needs to be shampooed, and it needs to be waxed. But for now, wash and vacuum will do. I hope Mr. Rhyne remembers that he said he'd throw that in for me, next time I dropped the car off. LOL!

Anywho, the shop is in the opposite direction from where I live and work. But, I trust Mr. Rhyne - he hasn't done me wrong, and it's nice to support a brotha. So, I just find ways to get there. This morning, that had to involve the ex-bf. I know, right? But like I said, I no longer want to hurl sharp objects at his head. We are two adults, and need to act accordingly. At the end of the day, if he really needed something, and I could help him, I would. I know the same is true of him, so when I sent him an email yesterday asking if he could give me a ride to work, I knew he was going to say yes. The only way he'd say no is if he was out of town.

He picked me up, and we even had half way decent conversation, and a few laughs. But the whole time I was sitting in the passenger seat, I could NOT stop my mind from wandering and wondering - who's been sitting over here? He had a new keychain that said "Savannah Harbor." I was wondering if he went down there for work, or did he go with someone? Then I smacked myself in the head and said (to myself), "why do you care?" Get over it! Priceless. Only in my head.

I have been here all of 45 minutes...I have yet to do one work related thing. I guess I need to do some work. And find someone to take me back to get my car at lunch time.


Tazzee said...

Glad your ex is there for you. Your thoughts are natural, I'm just glad you smacked yourself in the head before they got too far, LOL.

Marilie said...

Yeah, if they had gone any further, an argument would have ensued! LOL We're pretty good at keeping our lives separate and not giving details (we dated once before, broke up...this was the 2nd try). We really didn't share details with each other until we got really comfortable.