Monday, June 22, 2009

Bright and Early

My alarm was set for 6:00 a.m. I woke up at 5:58. I didn't sleep well, either. But, I got up anyway (I didn't have a choice, lol). I doled out my supplements for the week, and now I'm about to hit the shower, at about the time I would normally drag myself out of bed, after hitting snooze three times.

I haven't packed my gym clothes, and I'm not sure if I'm going to. This jackA$$ knocked me down last night at the rink, and I fell straight on to my stinkin' knee. Of course! So it's a little stiff/sore today. But I'm skipping Friday's work out, since my friend D and T are coming from SC. We're going to hit the shoe outlet and a Natural Hair Meet Up on Saturday. I still have no idea what we're going to do Friday evening. Maybe we will just hit up downtown, and stop by Mert's. D liked it before, when she came up her with her BF, and I sure do love Mert's cornbread. Don't need it, but I love it.

And in yesterday's hilarious moment at the rink - Security (I don't even remember his real name, he just works security at the rink) told me that he'd like to suck my toes. I had to put that status on FB because that was hilarious to me. Of course, my first thought was off the wall. I was thinking, "does he know how sweaty and funky my feet get in these skates?!?" I didn't even tell RB what he said...dude probably would have dropped to his knees and started praying right then and there. I told KC when he got here. He said, "WOW!" :lol: If you could have seen his face, you'd be laughing with me now.

Speaking of KC...yesterday was a very busy day for him at work, given that it was Father's Day. I didn't think he would make it to the rink, but he made one of the other managers stay, and he rolled out. Only to have to get up this morning and drive back up there to do paperwork, then back down here to be with his kids. When he told me of his plans last night, he said, "I just really, really wanted to skate."

I'm gonna take that as "code speak," that he really, really wanted to see me as well. :)

Happy Monday!


Serenity3-0 said...

LMAO.. Translate what he said however you want! One of my other friends suggested I try Mert's. I had never heard of it. Next time I stay in town for a weekend I think I will.
PS. I don't want anyone sucking on my toes. I don't care if I'm fresh out the shower. No way!

Marilie said...

I'm saying, that was my interpretation. LOL!

I really love their cornbread. I took my friend KP there back in 2004, and he still talks about it. We talk about it on FB. LOL! Back when I was eating pork, they always pissed me off 'cause you could only get pork chops on certain days. But the fried chicken is not bad, either. I took my mom when she came down last year, and she enjoyed it.

Tazzee said...

You got it right - he needed to see you.

Enjoy your time with your friends this weekend. I didn't even fake like I was going to hit the gym this evening, but I am planning to go for a walk.

Au Naptural said...

I'm with Serenity on the toe sucking. Ick!

He really, really wanted to skate, huh? Suuuuure. LOL!

And now y'all have made me hungry for some down home cooking. Eat a piece of chicken for me, please and thankyakindly :-)

Marilie said...

@ Tazzee - I went nowhere near that gym! I ended up working later than I planned, and I just didn't have the motivation/energy. I came home, watched Y & R, slept on the couch from about 8:00 to 9:45. Got up, then went back to bed around midnight. I guess I need to try and skate today to offset the mess I've been eating. :/

@ Au Nap - if you are ever in Charlotte, we will take you to Mert's, girl! And then up to Statesville to the Rack Room shoe outlet so you can get $5 and $10 shoes. LOL!