Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did you ever wonder... it would feel to pull up a link to a crazy video on You.Tube, and you personally know the subject of the video???? That's what happened to me yesterday.

An online community that I belong to, has a forum where you can discuss just about anything. They are notorious for posting crazy YT videos. Like the one where the dude knew all the moves to 'Single Ladies.' Stuff like that. This girl posts a video and says that the person who sent it to her is being shunned for 24 I took that to mean it was really crazy. :lol: Of course, I could not watch it at work, and had to wait until I got home.

At lunch, I decided to pull up the video, for kicks and giggles. I fire it up and it's someone doing a rendition of a Beyonce song.

How about it's my ex's cousin????? And he is a dude. No boo-boo. Get off YT making videos where you do Beyonce and Rhianna and Ciara songs! What the heezy???

I immediately sent the ex a BBIM:
Me: "So, I just pulled up this video - it's *** singing a Beyonce song!! I really was not expecting to see someone I knew."
Him: "yep!"
Me: "I didn't know he was making YT videos????"
Him: "He is becoming a local celebrity. He has a lot (of videos)."

Um...that's not a good thing. Clearly he has not been online and read some of the remarks under the video. But then again, isn't there a saying that there's no such thing as bad publicity?



Serenity3-0 said...

So this dude is gay? Yikes! I have a youtube video my line sister made of me from Mardi Gras. I didnt' know I was being taped! But it was funny as hell. It's protected though. I have to find the link and show it to you.

Marilie said...

Yes, he is - which we knew. ANd that wasn't even really my issue with him. He's sitting there in a wife beater and shorts, and he is overweight. And he has some type of skin condition, where he has patches of darker skin all over. Can you put some clothes on before you make this video? And then sing some songs that are by MEN. I will send you the link, girl. I was truly verklempt!

KD said...

I can't find him!! My sis is sleep! Help!