Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Monday, and I'm smiling??

It's KC's fault. I'm having a hard time creating space between us. I like attention. If somebody is into me, and I'm into them, we need to spend time together. Even if it's just chillin' on the couch, watching a movie. I already know that time is NOT a commodity he has. He works 12-15 hour days most weeks, and then he's working an hour and a half away from here. By the time he gets to the rink, I've already been there for 2 hours. And this morning, he left for a 3 day trip to TX. Why am I torturing myself??

Probably because I really enjoy our conversations, when we do get to have them. He makes me laugh. And then when HE laughs, the dimples pop.

I actually stopped at Starbucks today and STILL made it to work early. Now I'm going to fix some oatmeal, and then try to carry this happy feeling throughout the day. Let's hope nobody calls to try and ruin it!

In hair-related news, I wore a twist out puff to the rink last night. Sweated up a storm. Came home and did not re-twist, just tied a scarf on it and prayed. It's making for nice 2nd day hair. Another advantage to keeping the ends neat and tidy. Now I need to step up my maintenance game, to keep these ends in order. The woman from the Indian grocery store never did call me to let me know that the powders she ordered are in. I'm just going to have to roll up on that store this weekend. Since I'm happy today, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, that maybe she lost the piece of paper she wrote everything on. Yeah...that's the ticket. :)


Serenity3-0 said...

Early to work and stopped at Starbucks and smiling????????? Hmmmm....

Marilie said...

LOL! It was a good morning, what can I say? :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing, Serenity. LOL!

I feel you on the attention part. Why are you always in my head? I scheduled a blog post about it last night. I suppose the focus must be on quality of interaction and not quantity when time isn't really on your side.

Team KC? He may have just spared the lady at the Indian grocer a side eye today.

Marilie said...

It's scary how much we are thinking about the same things at the same time. LOL!

I have no choice but to focus on quality of interaction at this point. But I know me, I can't function well without proper attention. That's why I said this is probably not going to end well. He did say he would see me next week. But I swear last week was a LOOOONG 7 days.

I just need that lady to get my stuff. Then when I go, I'm sure her daughter will be trying to thread my eyebrows again. Not without my products! LOL (although it IS only $4.)

KD said...

Congrats on the new friendship! I am yet to meet a woman who doesn't enjoy attention from a cutie. So keep smiling sister!!

May I ask what Indian grocery store you are referring to? I need some tumeric powder for my skin. The last lady that threaded my eyebrows used to bring it to me - but she moved to NY.

Marilie said...

The store I'm referring to is down in Matthews, on Monroe Road near where it intersects with Hwy 51. Of course, I took her card out of my wallet, so I can't tell you the name of it! I can tell you it's in a plaza with Roscoe's restaurant. The driveway is a hill, so when you turn in you have to drive up into the plaza.

There's another store on Independence, before you get to Sharon Amity (if you are taking Independence from downtown, away from the city. You have to approach it that way, with that new construction there. It's in the plaza right behind Olive Garden. Either one of those stores are good. There is one on Old Pineville Road, near Archdale, but I didn't like their customer service and they won't get any more of my business.

I am going to head that way this weekend - if you want me to pick up some Tumeric, let me know. :)

Tazzee said...

Who doesn't love attention? I know I do - enjoy it while you can and remember it while he's gone. My guy has the heartiest laugh I've ever heard - coupled with a beautiful smile. Whenever he tells me something funny, I hold my laugh just so I can watch him laugh.

Marilie said...

Hey Tazzee - that's a good approach to take - enjoy it while I can and remember it while he's gone. Shoot, that's all I can do! :)