Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5

I am so ready to take these twists out, I can't stand it! I will liberate them tomorrow morning. 5 days was all I could do. I think after I do my ayurvedic treatment on Saturday, I'm going to try and actually put them into a style. I did this back in November a few times:

I'm still working on perfecting the front. I think my hair is a little longer now, so it should be interesting. I will try it this weekend, and post pics if it turns out well. :)

Ruchita Ayurveda's site says you are supposed to get a shipping notice within 4-7 business days. I placed my order on June 7th. We're on the 9th business day and I don't have my shipping notice. Wooo-sah. If I don't have it by tomorrow morning, they'll be getting an email. I need my powders! I'm ready to try that henna for the first time. Is it rocket science to get something shipped out? My coconut oil should arrive today - I hope UPS leaves it at the rental office and not at my door. My HairVeda is here...but still with USPS. As usual, they will try to deliver it today, and I won't be home, so they'll leave me a little pink card on my door. I will then have to drive over Hell's Half Acre to the post office, which is nowhere near my apartment, to pick it up. Such is life.

***ETA: Jackpot! Went home for lunch today and my coconut oil and my HairVeda products were delivered! Well, UPS had just dropped the coconut oil at the office. The mail lady was too busy talking on her cell phone, so I just walked up to her and asked if she had a package for me. LOL!***

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