Monday, June 15, 2009

11 Minute Mile

On Mondays I usually try to get a 30 minute jog in. Mostly because Mondays SUCK at work, and by the time I get downstairs and lift, I don't have time for much else. Today was no different. I had a lot that still needed to be done, but at 6:10pm I called it a night.

I decided that on Mondays I will work on my speed within that 30 minutes. Wednesdays are for faster intervals, and Fridays are my distance days. The plan for this Monday was to run at 5.4 mph for the first 15 minutes, and 5.5 mph for the last 15 minutes. I know it doesn't seem like much of a change, but I can personally feel every 10th of a mile per hour...LOL

I warmed up with a 3 minute walk and then started my jog. Y & R was pretty good today, it was definitely a distraction from looking at the clock on the treadmill. At 10 minutes, I decided to be bold and push it up to 5.5. I ran at 5.5 for 22:58. So it took me 32:58 to go 3 miles...or basically 33 minutes, which is an 11 minute mile!

I hope I can keep this pace up. I don't know how accurate that treadmill is at keeping time, but I definitely was running faster than I normally do. I can see that 10 minute mile over the horizon, but I still have a ways to get there. I'm psyched!At some point I'll have to learn how to translate this to running on the road, and being able to keep up the pace out there. It might be time to invest in Nike+. I have an iPod Nano that I have not been using. I could take that on runs. Only thing is, I can't buy the Nike sneakers that are made specifically for the Nike+ pedometer, because I have flat feet. Nike no likey the flat footed people. I have to stick with Brooks or Mizuno for running sneakers. I think there is a way to hook it to the outside of your sneaker - I'll have to do some research.


Au Naptural said...

Congrats on your 11 min mile. You'll be down to 10 in no time.

You don't need the Nike shoes to use the gadget. One of my running buddies uses this device she got from a local running specialty store. It clips on to the tongue area of your sneakers - basically sits like a timing chip would during a race. It's pretty accurate too. I can't think of the name of the product, but go to any good running specialty store and they should have it there. I think she said it was about $20. That's much cheaper than buying a pair of Nikes that will kill my feet, in my opinion.

I'll be getting one whenever I pony up for a new Ipod.

Marilie said...

I liked the idea of downloading the playlists from their website, and the iPod keeping track of my workout, and giving me status during my run. One of my FB buddies has it and she loves it. But I will definitely look for the gadget your friend has as well. :)

Au Naptural said...

Sorry, just to clarify. The gadget she has is an attachment for the Nike gadget. It allows people who don't have Nikes to make use of the Nike Ipod thingie on other brands of sneakers.

Marilie said...

Oooooh ok. Duh! **smacks self in the forehead** Gotcha. That would definitely be what I need. Thanks! :)