Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day!

I'm really ready for this week to be over. I was ready yesterday, but it was only Tuesday. Come on, Friday! I'm waitin' for ya.

Yesterday, I really wanted to go home and chill, but I decided to go skating, since RB was making an effort to skate at the rink here (instead of SC), and he asked me to come. I felt slightly guilted into going; he knew that I went last week to help KC with his backwards skating. I'm sure I would have had to hear it if I didn't go this week.

It was productive. He taught me this new spin move, that I'm going to have to practice to perfect. The whole thing about me spinning, is that I'm just scared of falling and incurring some kind of crazy injury. Everyone at the rink says, "don't be afraid to fall." OK - obviously these folks don't know how much of a klutz I can be. I mean, years ago I ruptured a tendon in my pinky finger while bowling. I can't even tell you the exact mechanism of the injury. Just know that if there's some weird injury to be had, it's coming to me.

At the end of the night, we were on our way out the door, and one of the rink employees decides to give his 2 cents of opinion as he's sweeping up the floor. He sees us walking out and says, "man, she wasn't no good without you on Sunday..." or something to that affect.

What??? Great! Now he's going to have delusions of grandeur that I can't have fun at the rink without him. Not! Everything was fine and dandy once KC arrived. Anywho, I just sort of looked at the dude like, "I need you to shut up now." Dude goes on his way sweeping, and RB says, "yeah...somebody else said something similar to me when I first got here. I mean, not that I have spies checking on you at the rink or anything." Um, I KNOW you don't have "spies" checking on me at the rink. Are you TRYING to get cussed out?? Whatever, man! I didn't even entertain the conversation after that, because I know I would have just said something crazy. When we got outside, he gave me a box that had my old wheels and bearings in it. He had cleaned them and prepped them in case I needed to use the bearings again. So, he was forgiven for that stupid conversation. :lol:

In other random news, today will be day 4 of wearing these same flat twists. They've been under a different head wrap each day. My scalp is itching. It's time for a co-wash. I will have to do that tonight after work. I really would like to keep these in until Friday morning. We'll see. I may tighten them up after tonight's work out.

An ex-acquaintance emailed me yesterday. I can't even call him a boyfriend, because he wasn't. I referenced him in a previous post, but I never gave him a name. Let's call him Night Owl. Night Owl and I had been talking online for over 3 years before we finally actually gave "dating" a try. This is back in the fall, about 4 months after I broke up with the ex. Night Owl lives in ATL, and of course, I live in Charlotte. I tried to warn that fool about the pitfalls of LDR's, but he didn't want to listen. He did a lot of driving back and forth, I did some (he liked driving more than I did). It's not like we saw each other every weekend. Night Owl decided, shortly after my birthday, that he wasn't spending enough time with his sons. Note: he was always with them, talking to him, and his ex-wife was always calling about something random whenever we had a weekend together. Right - side eye. OK, fine. I've never been one to deprive the chil'ren, if that's what you feel, then peace out.

Around this same time, he gets laid off from his job. I guess it was good that we called it a day anyway, because now it wasn't going to be financially feasible. We still chatted occasionally. I don't cut folks completely off, unless they commit some type of egregious error.

Fast forward about a month or so - this fool has updated his page that he now has a girlfriend - some chick he used to work with before he got laid off. What? You told me you needed to spend more time with your sons. You ain't got ta lie, Craig! You ain't got ta lie! (that's from Friday, for those of y'all who don't know, lol). I cannot tolerate folks lying, especially about some BS. That's really a waste of a lie and so unnecessary. So, he was cut off from all communications - de-friended on the Book of Faces (thanks, Au Naptural), his phone number was removed from my phone, and he was removed from Yahoo IM. When I erase you, it's like the Mafia - all traces have been removed.

So yesterday, this cat up and emails me at work (he apparently saved the email address), talking about, "'s been a long time. Just wanted to see how you've been." How I've been? Seriously? Ninja, please! I am only one person in the black community, but right now I am really frowning upon your SHENANIGANS.

I didn't even go off on him. First and foremost, it WAS work email...had that been my hotmail he would have been in trouble. Secondly, he is clearly TOO STUPID to even realize that he has been erased. There's a REASON you haven't heard from me. You are messy! Get a clue.

It was just way too early in the week for all of yesterday's events. And that was a really long, random post. But, that's been my life lately - random! Have a good Wednesday. :)


Tazzee said...

I know how you feel about the week. Two weeks ago, I took off Monday, on Wednesday I told the guy at the security desk to have a nice weekend - LOL!

I don't understand why dudes don't realize when they've been deleted. Or they do and just don't care. Sorry Suckas!

Marilie said...

Hey Tazzee! You know that security guard had to glance at the calendar. LOL! I have some days off for my family reunion, the second week in July. I'm trying to hold on until then. I don't want to burn my PTO for a mental health day, but it's heading that way.

I think he really does not realize that he has been deleted. LOL!