Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good (Hair) Day

Today is a good day...and a good hair day. Since I cut my hair, it is so much more healthy looking. Twist outs hold better definition, and there is less frizz. Ladies, whatever you do, DO NOT hold on to scraggly, uneven ends! Let them go. Your hair will thank you for it.

Here are a few pics:

(Could I be a little more shiny? LOL)

Hair line...I'm working on trying to thicken it up. I did shape it up with a razor, so it would look a little neater.

Lookin' a little scalp-y. Not to panic - there are no bald spots. After I take my twists out in the morning, I don't comb them. I use my fingers to move them into place. I must not have smudged the part line you're basically seeing the area where the parts were.

Right side - I love this pic, even though it's off center. That's what happens when your arms are too short. LOL! Looking at this, I can truly tell that my hair has benefitted from the trim. It looks 100% better.

One last one for the road. :)

No matter what type of hair you have - short, long, relaxed, natural, curly or straight - healthy hair always looks the best. Put your best foot forward, ladies!

Well, that's the end of my lunch break - I'm headed back to work. Hope everyone is having a good day.


Serenity3-0 said...

It does look pretty! I haven't been able to get my front mid part to stand up wild yet. If that makes sense. Probably b/c I do a sidepart b4 twisting and then I braid down the sides. But I love it. I also don't use a comb. WHen I do my twistout I grab the ends and roll them with teh rod in a spiral. B/c my ends won't stay together without it.

Marilie said...

Thank you, ma'am! Mine won't stand up just sort of flops to the side. But the way you make your parts is key to how it will fall when you take it loose. Switch up your parts one day and see what you come up with. :)

I think there are some folks who don't have permed ends, who use the rods. My hair is straight 4a and 4b on the sides and just wraps around itself, lol. And even in the front, for the most part. If I think it won't stay with just butter, I use a dab of gel.

Serenity3-0 said...

Now I want a couple cute flowers for the summer to put in my hair. Being a girl costs money!

Marilie said...

I used to get fake flowers from Wal-Mart to put in my just have to be careful when you cut the stems, because they have metal inside, which can get snagged in your hair. Probably could try Michael's or Hobby Lobby as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! And I'm loving the yellow/goldenrod shirt :-)

I forget whether you mentioned it earlier, but have you de-tangled with your new trimmed ends yet? It does make one helluva difference.

Marilie said...

I have had a chance to detangle a couple of times...I love it. So much of a difference. I can pretty much go through with my fingers, and not the comb. Prior to the trim, my fingers would have been stuck in a tangled, knotted mess.