Thursday, March 18, 2010

This Week in Running

SUNDAY: Dealing with the plague, a.k.a. 24 hour stomach bug/flu. I barely walked from my couch to the bathroom. There was definitely no running this day. I spent most of the day sleeping. Because it was on the couch, my back ended up hurting. Boooo on Sunday.

MONDAY: Recovering from the plague. Lower back aching. I spent most of that day laying on a heating pad. I was just happy to get through the work day. There was no way I was going to run. 2 days out of commission.

TUESDAY: Nike+ is back in my good graces. It allowed me to recalibrate. All the runs for this week are accurate! Woo hoo! I wasn't sure how it would be, because I hadn't had much to eat over the past two days. But this is what I churned out:

TIME: 34:40

WEDNESDAY: I went back to the portion of the greenway that has more inclines. I started running at the .75 mi marker, ran a smidge past 1.5, then back down to the start, and then back up to .75. This was definitely a challenge and I felt it! I wish Charlotte was a little more pedestrian-friendly. I would love to run along Harris Blvd and more of the local streets, but the sidewalks aren't adequate. Stats:

TIME: 29:06
AVG PACE: 9:36/MI <- whoa...not sure how I pulled that off!! LOL

TODAY: I planned on slowing the pace back down today. I figured my calves would appreciate it. I was right. As soon as I started jogging I could feel the stiffness, even though I did stretch. I really felt like I was dragging along, but I guess I was faster than I thought I was. Ye olde stats:

TIME: 32:32
AVG PACE: 10:03/MI

I think tomorrow will be a rest day, or maybe elliptical and strength training. I look at these times and I am amazed that I ran like this. Maybe there's something to eating less meat? Since Saturday, the only meat I've had is turkey and then some seafood. And it definitely wasn't a lot of turkey. I've been having fruit smoothies in the morning, eating more salads, etc. We shall see.


Virtuous said...

So glad you are feeling better and what a way to recover with your great runs!!

There is definitely something to be said about meat weighing us down. I try to do meatless at least once a week! (gurl I love chicken too much lol)

Here is to another great run week!

Anonymous said...

Great runs for just recovering from that bug you had. Nice pace!

Tazzee said...

Great runs! When you started running, was it boring to you? It is like 'work' to me - except when I ran the 5K. Just boring. I love working out - but running just doesn't enthuse me.

I've decided that I'm going to give up pork when my fast is over. I've never been much of a chicken eater but I love seafood and beef.

Marilie said...

Hey Tazzee! I think it was most boring on the treadmill. Like, just shoot me now. I would rather be anywhere but here! But when I'm outside, I love it.

It gives me time to get inside my mind, if that makes sense. I start thinking about things I need to do, want to do...stuff I need to just work out in my head. But I'm also multitasking because I'm still thinking about my time and my form.

Yesterday was a meatless day. I did have some baked beans, though (vegetarian baked beans). That worked out pretty well, and my stomach feels less bloated/puffy.