Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ayurvedic Scalp Oil

I love Ayurveda. Love, love, love it. What I don't love, is that the most popular manufacturers of the hair/scalp oils I would LIKE to use, insist on putting mineral oil into their formulations. Blech. Why? There are some oils without it, but few and far between, and none available at my local Indian grocers.

Yesterday after my aerobics class, I stopped by the grocer since I was on that side of town. I had everything else I needed, but not the shikakai powder.

I found a recipe that I liked here.

My ingredients:

My potpourri simmering pot:

I found that 100ml of oil seemed to not be enough for all the powders she used, so I added a bit more. I let it simmer for a little over 5 hours, then unplugged the pot. I chose a potpourri simmering pot, because it doesn't get as hot as some of the settings on regular crock pots. If your crock pot has a "warm" or "warming" setting, that would be good. Low was too much heat, and in my old crock pot it was like the oil was scorching.

I'm going to strain through cheesecloth to get the powder out. I'll make a follow up post after that's done and I get to try it out on my scalp.


Mrs Count said...

When you get yourself back on twitter :( Let me know how this worked for you. I'm always in search of a good scalp oil recipe.

Marilie said...

Will do! :)