Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Be Continued, Part 3

So, I hung out with KC yesterday. I had wine, he had Mich Ultra (he's got diabetes and has to be careful what he drinks), and we watched Seven Pounds. Man, that movie starts off slowly. Once it finally got rolling, I did enjoy it. He is one of those people who try to guess what happens. But at least he was smart enough not to spit out all his theories. I hate that.

I'm not even going to go into all the details. I'm just going to say that he's really messing up my plans. This thing may be doomed to failure before it gets started. We shall see.

That's it folks, short and sweet. Except that he's off again today (a rarity for him), so we're going to hang out again tonight. Right now, I need to stop daydreaming, and go get my tires rotated.

Peace out!


Serenity3-0 said...

Again? You're gonna be gone by the end of the week.. I have that movie at home and have yet to watch it. Maybe tonight.

Marilie said...

LOL! Well I won't see him again until Sunday at the rink, and Monday he's flying to TX. I have to get my initial investigative work out of the way. LOL!

Au Naptural said...

I'm loving this. You're not putting up a very good fight. LOL! Hope you had a good time tonight.

Marilie said...

If I was the Titanic, he's setting up to be that dang iceberg. LOL! We did have a good time - watched some crazy movie called "Smother." Diane Keaton was in it. It's wacky, but it wasn't too bad. Now he's off to work about 75 hrs between today and Sunday, so I won't see him until it's time to skate. I can build my resolve back up during this time. LOL!