Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cleaning Up Other Folks' Mess

Maybe I need to learn how to take a "stress leave" like my infamous co-worker. Apparently she takes one every year. Go figure! If I took a stress leave every year, would I still have a job? Probably not. I frankly don't understand why she still does. Maybe she has some dirt on upper management?

We just got an email that we are going to get some more of this chick's work to clean up, because she had new claims that she never completed investigation on. The only good news, is that another office has agreed to help us out with new intake, so at least we are not going to get slammed with those.

Allegedly, she's coming back in June. We'll see. I'll try to refrain from punching her straight in the jaw when she does return. Frankly, I'd rather see her submit a resignation, so we can get someone on our team who really wants to do some work. Anybody need a job?

I'm so tired of lazy people! Color me verklempt!


KD said...

That's funny... I just scheduled a doctor's appt to see if I'm eligible for stress leave! Or any type of paid leave for that matter! While I don't have the same position you do I understand... Were one short on this end too. Mysteriously 1 month after her "surprise" engagement.. Accident my foot! side eye

Marilie said...

Girl, it's all shenanigans, no matter what position you are in. Please pass along the name of the doctor after you get yours approved. LOL! It's a shame we have to give out so much side eye at work.

Serenity3-0 said...

Unfinished investigations are just apart of life in claims. LOL! If they ain't calling and bugging you, then they are pushed to the back of the pile... Looks like she was doing a lot of pushing. I bet she's at the pool now working on her tan. LOL

Marilie said...

I am guessing that she probably will come in looking like she's been in the Bahamas somewhere. WHich will just make the rest of us more pissed. LOL!

Au Naptural said...

Not punch her straight in the jaw, though. LOL!

Y'all better get on the good foot and take a mental health day when she returns :-) I kid.

Marilie said...

Why can't I punch her in the jaw?? LOL! I took a mental health day on Tuesday...I definitely foresee more in my future. Especially since I bought 5 extra days of PTO this year.