Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Randomness!

I think Randomness is becoming my favorite label this week.

I am up, even though I want to be sleeping. I decided I would be good and start the laundry. I want to change out my comforter set, but my blue set is my favorite one, and I might have to take my cat out if she gets up there with her claws. I guess that means I'm just keeping the door closed to the bedroom.

Breakfast today will be oatmeal and a banana. Then on to take my supplements and get started on my daily water intake. I have such a hard time staying on track when the weekend hits. Yesterday I really wanted brownies and ice cream. For real, for real. But, RB came over and had a sensible dinner request, so we had one of those Tuscani Pastas from Pizza Hut (the Chicken Alfredo), with bread sticks, and then he ordered some of their wings. He wanted to know why I didn't want any of the wings...I had to break it down for him. When you attend college in the city that is the home of the original buffalo wing, you can't just eat any ol' wings! Besides, Pizza Hut's wings are soggy. I like my wings to be more crispy, and then covered with sauce. Like the BBQ wings they serve at La Nova Pizzeria and Wing Company. La Nova's probably got about 65% of the extra money I had available for food back then.

I never left the house yesterday. I watched convocation on the Internet. One of these days I will actually attend. I did attend one of their social events, but I don't know if I'm ready to sit for 5 hours (although they do take a break in the middle for lunch) and study. Yesterday's lesson was on the question: "What is Righteousness?" I now know at least 3 scriptures I could point someone to when answering that question. Yay me! :)

This weekend I will be in Greensboro, NC. My nephew has a soccer tournament, so I am going to meet my sister there so I can attend. My nieces and nephews always have some kind of classic quote that makes me bust out laughing. They are older now, so it's not as frequent, but when they were younger? Out of control. Like the time my sister took the three of them to McDonald's. They went through the drive through, and apparently there was a longer wait than normal. It's quiet and then all of a sudden my niece busts out, "I thought this was supposed to be FAST food?!?" I laughed for days after my sister told me about that. If that's not funny to you, I guess it's because you don't know them. Those kids are hilarious. I can't believe they are 15, 12 and 10 now. They were all born in September, so my sister will officially have 2 teenagers in the fall.

OK, wait - why is my neighbor outside walking his dog in his PJ's?

Anywho...Snapped is on. I love me some Snapped. I watch it every Sunday, even if I've already seen the episodes. I have a couple of ex-bf's who might end up on Snapped...I gotta be ready if they call me for the interview. I have told them that one day they are going to run into a chick who is not as nice as I am. And I'll be sitting right there in front of that little fake background they have, giving my quotes. LOL!

Have a great Sunday, fellow bloggers!


Serenity3-0 said...

You might actually see your girl on Snapped one day... I think I'm walking around these days with a "wish a nicca would" look.. Just waiting on some ish to pop off. LOL! I guess I need to get you hooked up wiht my bail stash.
I like my wings crispy and with no sauce. LOL! And I can only eat the drums, not the other little part.

Marilie said...

Yes, please advise where the bail stash is, for future reference!! LOL! Between you and KP, I think I will be giving at least two interviews on Snapped...

I like the drumettes as well! I hate they charge you extra just to have all drumettes. I will eat the flats, if push comes to shove, but I'm a drumette kinda gal.