Sunday, May 24, 2009

Congrats to FASA U-11 - Tournament Champs!!

FASA U-11 is the team my nephew plays soccer for. FASA has three teams in the Fredericksburg area - White, Premier, and Elite. My nephew was originally placed on the Premier team, but was promoted up to Elite. He has certainly earned his position. He scored two goals for his auntie yesterday, in the second game.

This morning they beat up on somebody's team with an 8-0 romp. This afternoon's game was a bit more of a challenge. The other team was very physical, and the parents seemed to be encouraging it. Their goalie was pushing our kids out of the way during corner kicks and that is a blatant foul, and none of it was called.

No matta - my boys kicked butt and were able to pull out the victory, 2-1!

Auntie was bad, and realized on I-85 in Salisbury that she left the camera at home. At that point I was not turning back. One of the team moms had a nice Nikon camera - when I get the pics she took, I'll have to post a couple.

Go FASA!!!!

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