Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's on the Kindle App

After reading about this via Yoga Journal, I decided to download and check out the hype.

All I can say is, Suzanne is hilarious! I love her writing style. She's had me being introspective, grossed out, laughing hysterically...everything. I was at the hair dresser when I got to the part about her yoga retreat in Bali, where the teacher advised them to avoid the local water and to keep themselves healthy by drinking their urine.


In the beginning she referred to them as pissdrinkers. #iDied

According to the Kindle app, I've gotten through about 62% of the book. The last yoga book I read was fiction. There are some points in this book that I forget she's actually talking about something she went through. It's basically set up like journal entries, of the journal she kept while at the retreat. I'm not sure if she posted entire entries, or just the meatier parts (I'm sure some editing had to be done before it was published).

If you like yoga, and you're not afraid of cuss words and honesty, then I'd recommend this read. :)


affectionforfitness said...

Hi! I love cussing and yoga, so I'll read the book!

:-) Marion

Marilie said...

She will definitely drop some F-bombs, but it's well worth the read. :)