Monday, October 31, 2011

This Needs Help

Yeah. No bueno. This is my precarious set up for my shoes. LOL! Tinisha, my loctician, has challenged me to reduce my inventory to 50 shoes. I haven't started that transition yet. Right now, we're at about 72.

I was looking at this at the Container Store:

Two Three problems:
1. I'd need like 6 of those things. That's a lot of cash.
2. The reviews on this are pretty iffy.
3. I don't actually think my shoes would fit in these boxes...and I only wear a 7.5 (sometimes an 8 if I REALLY need the shoe in my life and there's no 7.5 available. What?).

I need suggestions. I'd really like something like the shoe organizer above. I need to find someone who's good with wood and they can just build me one from scratch. LOL!


Aunaptural said...

Whoa! That's quite an impressive collection. Have you looked into a closet system? I think you could do the cube thing with either wood or wire racks. Check out home depot or lowes to get some ideas of possibilities and prices.

Marilie said...

One of my co-workers gave me the name of a handyman who can pretty much build anything. SO I'm going to talk to him about building something that's not permanently attached, that I can take with me should I move again. LOL!