Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moving Into New Spaces

Moving into the rental house has been a blessing, and I'm enjoying my new space (although, sometimes it can be a little TOO quiet, lol). There's something about moving into a new space that is just exciting for me. New challenges, a change from the norm. Maybe it's the Aquarius in me. As a child I was always changing my room furniture around. My mom used to say, "if you move that furniture one more time it's gonna fall apart!" Of course, now that I'm older, my furniture is much heavier so I can't move it like I used to. But I enjoy changing up what I can.

In my yoga classes, my teachers are always challenging me to move into new spaces. To expand my flexibility and build strength. When I started, lots of poses had to be modified because of my inflexibility, or my myriad injuries (lol). Now that I'm stronger and a little healthier, I try to do the full expressions of poses whenever I can. I don't put my knee down in side plank anymore. I try to open my arms when I'm in my chair with a prayer twist. I reach for the floor in my side angle pose instead of resting my forearm on my quad. I love to feel my practice expand.

As far as my career, I've been in the same space for a minute now. The company I've been working for since 2008 was bought out by another company in our industry. The culture of the old company and the culture of the new company are like oil and water. Total opposites, and they do not mix. It's going to be a drastic change. And it's not one I'm sure I want to be a part of. Everything ain't for everybody...the older I get, the more I understand that phrase. They've pretty much showed us that they don't really care about the people. It's very "like it or lump it." Well, in a recession, most folks are not in a position to lump it. I can just see that it would eventually drain my spirit, which is no bueno. I desire to move up in the ranks, but I don't know if this is the place to do it. Do I really want to (essentially) start over somewhere else?

On a whim, I did post for an internal position, but I was really debating about what I'd do if they DID offer it to me. They call it a "lateral move," because they say that our job grades/pay grades from the old company are much higher than theirs. Translation: we'll move you to this position and give you more work, but we're not going to give you a raise. This internal position involves some files that are in litigation. I've had a small amount of litigation experience; the problem with positions that involve litigation is that they already want you to know how to handle litigated files. OK, well how can I learn if no one will give me the chance?

I kicked azz on the phone interview, and according to my current manager, they "loved" me, but their only concern is the litigation experience. *crickets chirping* You can pretty much teach anyone anything, unless you're just dealing with someone who has no ability to retain information. I'm not that person. Everyone I've worked under will tell you that. When I came into claims I had zero experience. You don't go to school to learn about claims. Everything I had to know I was TAUGHT. I bring things to the table that you cannot teach: my personality, ability to work with all kinds of people, ability to work independently or within a group, the ability to lead, the respect of my peers, my thirst for knowledge, and that internal drive that I will do my job and do it well, because it's not within me to put out shoddy work product.

If they can overlook all that, they've answered my question about whether or not it's time to move on to a new space outside of this company.

So, I'm taking the leap to find a new position. I had a phone interview two weeks ago for position, and now I have an in-person interview on Tuesday. I don't know why I'm feeling so nervous. Maybe because I really want to get away from where I'm at now. I think a lot of my peers are going to start looking, and I don't want to get caught in the rush of people flooding the job market. I want to move NOW, while folks are still debating.

I've gotten offers on every job I've ever interviewed for since college, except for one. And that didn't have anything to do with my skills, but with my credit report (ah, youth. LOL!). I'm hoping that streak will continue. If it crosses your mind on Tuesday around 3:00pm, send out some positive vibes for me. :)

Are you moving into any new spaces in your life?


K. said...

I have that new space itch big time! I want a new job, new crib, move to the DMV, and lose weight lol. I'm hoping to achieve all the above by spring/summer.

MzInspiredMind81 said...

I wrote Tuesday at 3 on my calendar and will definitely send out good vibes for you! spaces in my life??..YEP!

Well...I moved into a new apartment 2 wks ago. I agree, the transition is VERY different for me too(Going from a rental home to an apartment).

I always get excited b/c I look at every move as a new beginning. I'm the person who will try to do new home decorating and all when I'm in a new space.

Another new space I'm in is being in the type of relationship I've always wanted to be in but never had. It's an amazing feeling to be involved w/ someone who is just a good person all the way around and who wants similar things out of life. *smiling*

As for my current position, I am bored to tears. My current role does NOT motivate me to think outside of the box(which I love to do) nor is the work challenging. I know that to get where I ultimately want to be,I need to increase my marketability. I just signed up for a few courses that will expand my skill set and give me licensure. I also am on the hunt for a mentor in my field to answer the million and one questions I have.

Ok I've blogged enough in your comments! LOL

Marilie said...

K - you got it! It sounds like you already have the foundation in place to make all those plans come into fruition. :)

MzM - I had to slow down on the decorating or I was gonna go into debt! LOL! Or should I say, further in. Frickin' student loans. Anywho...LOL! I still need that mirror over the console table, though. *hint hint*

I am so happy for you and that relationship! I am looking forward to seeing LDR in a few weeks. We even get to watch a Cowboys/Redskins game togehter (11/20). Let's just start praying for the Boys to get their minds right now.

I am at that "bored to tears" stage right now. If I end up staying here for any extended period of time I am going to sign up for some work related classes for insurance designations...this particular company has a reimbursement program, so if I'm going to stay here I might as well take advantage. :)

affectionforfitness said...

You sound incredibly brave, considering all of your job upheaval.

:-) Marion