Wednesday, October 19, 2011

One Rant, Coming Up!

So...most apartment complexes charge a pet "fee" here. Which is different from a pet "deposit."

The fee is you paying for the privilige of having a pet on premises. The deposit would be used to cover cleaning or damages when you move out. If the charges are less than what your deposit was, you get the balance back.

If your lease says "fee," then you're just azzed out and they can charge you an additional $145 for "pet treatment" of the carpet...even though they got your $250 when you moved in. They make a profit off every tenant who has a pet that doesn't really do any damage.

I think that's bogus! If my pet damages the apartment you should absolutely charge me for it. And you SHOULD do the pet treatment on the carpet. I'm in total agreement. But to just charge $250 for GP?!? And the fact that North Carolina allows this foolishness is just... #iCant

The things we do to make money in America. Sigh. At least tell folks up front - look. Put away about $145 'cause that's what we're going to charge you to treat the carpet when you move out. Regardless of this $250 pet FEE you just handed over. At least then, it would feel like you gave me the courtesy of using some Vaseline. &*^%%#@(!!!

As I said, this is a rant...because it's in the lease and there's nothing I can do about that. I've already paid it. I just felt like ranting. That's my disclaimer for the legal eagles who may peek in. :lol:


affectionforfitness said...

Hi! Well, I can tell that you're a neat orderly pet owner, but we previously knew a pet owner who let his ferrets poop all over his apartment. It was so nasty. But they shouldn't make you--the responsible one--pay for those kind of people.

Please keep working on those headstands. All you need is *one* bent leg headstand that you balanced into from tripod, and then you know how to do them. It's like riding a bike--how you can't get it--and then you can!

:-) Marion

MzInspiredMind81 said...

The new place has some pet fees and pet deposits. I definitely need to check into them before I get a Fido (not his/her real name) LOL

Marilie said...

@affectionforfitness - blech! Who lets an animal poop everywhere? Oh wait, the people on Hoarders. Never mind. LOL!

I will definitely keep working on my headstands. Just have to get over the fear of falling.

@Mzinspiredmind - definitely check your lease, there should be a paragraph about it. Since you don't have a pet right now they definitely would not have pointed it out to you, but it should be in there.