Monday, October 17, 2011

Locs Check In

It's been almost a year since I started my locs. I can't believe it. They are coming along slowly but surely. I just got them washed/groomed on Friday.

I've been so happy that they won't come out when they get wet, that I've apparently been over wetting them. :/ My loctician wants me to focus on using oils instead of water based products. She also told me to ditch the bonnet and sleep in a scarf that will keep them together and should keep them from getting as frizzy. Maybe the front ones will loc a little better. I'll have to go back to cleaning my scalp with cheesecloth & witch hazel, and only do a full on washing when I henna.

It's a learning experience every time I get my hair done. Maintaining loose, natural hair was so much easier! But nonetheless, I love the journey.

The photos were taken today with my iPhone. I usually try to take pics with a real camera right after grooming, but I got sidetracked.

If you run across this post and you're newly natural or just starting locs, hang in there! Your hair is unique to you. It will take you through trials and tribulations, but stick with it. :)


sayitlikethis said...

I. Love. Your. Locs.

I can't believe it's almost a year!

I realized this past weekend that next week, it will be six months for me. That time FLEW by!

And, I too, absolutely love my hair. yes, it's more work, but the payoff is worth it. And I dare say, it's probably just different work instead of more work.

I haven't fully washed my hair yet b/c of these locs in the front. Talk about unruly ones!

I noticed that when I tied my hair up with a scarf, the fuzz took a lot longer to appear than when I wore my bonnet. I'll wrap with a scarf for the four or five days right after a retwisting. Then I'll get lazy and just throw the bonnet on.

I used to want to avoid the fuzz all together but now I kinda embrace it and expect some, lol.

Marilie said...

@sayitlikethis - Thanks! :)

6 Months already?!? Time has definitely flown by! I wish I had known the scarf secret earlier, but I guess I didn't care much about the frizz? But I know she had to "pop" a lot of my locs at this last grooming so I guess it would make the process go by faster. She also said the water would make the locs come out...which I could see for the front ones for sure. It is definitely easier to throw that bonnet on and K.I.M. LOL!

I really love the feel of warm water on my scalp, but I guess I'll hold off a little longer.

Serenity3-0 said...

I love to see your progress pics. I saw a lady in the store the other day with locs about your size or maybe a smidge shorter. Her hair must be thicker b/c she had it styled so her locs were kind of sticking up randomly throughout her head and they looked soo good. I just said to myself "Now she has some style." Maybe I should have investigated or asked her to take a pic. At any rate, they look great!

Marilie said...

See probably hasn't had them groomed in a minute...or she sleeps without tying them down. Some people prefer for them to stick up. I did when mine were shorter, but now that they are longer I want them to have hang time. Eventually I will get them cut into a bob.