Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slowin' Down...

This morning I went to the Mallard Creek Greenway to run with the Purple Butterfly running club. It was so nice to see all those ladies, from beginner to intermediate, out there exercising and making the committment to come out there on Saturday mornings.

I only ran 3 miles and I felt so sluggish. Nike+ is now bugging out. Not only does it need to be recalibrated, it is not uploading my workouts to the website. They're on the iPod and I can see them, and in iTunes it claims to have uploaded the data, but I can't see it online. I know they switched websites from to, but that shouldn't have affected everything. I ran a Google search and others have been having this problem. I need to call their customer service. In one of the Nike Plus forums the csr indicated he could see all of a runners workouts, and he did something to make them actually post to this person's profile. I hope they can do that for me.

I really wish it would warm up and we could gain more daylight minutes right now. I definitely need to get back to running outside! I'm losing my mojo and my speed. This morning's run took 33:42. The best part about it was that we saw 4 deer cross the path. They were so cute! They were about 20 feet from the actual greenway path when we went by. They were all staring at us as if to say, "what are you doing out here?" LOL! At least it was the does and not the bucks. I'm not sure how the bucks would have reacted.

I'm committing to Monday through Thursday running for this upcoming week. Friday is my bowling get together for my birthday, so I'm not even going to try on that date. I should be able to make it out with the running club on Saturday as well. I also need to find a race to sign up for.


Serenity3-0 said...

This is great! I'm finding that I am looking forward to my walks each day at lunch. I have to sometimes force myself to stop working and just go do it. I want to start picking up the pace a little and my goal is for February to start walking and jogging (alternating) one block walking then another block jogging.

Marilie said...

Great job! Yeah, sometimes I have a hard time getting away from my desk on time as well. I can't wait until the time change so I have a little more leeway.

You should come out one Saturday, if you can. There are people of all skill levels out there. I'm gonna check in with you in Feb and see how it's going.

Virtuous said...

Cassandra!! SO glad I got to meet you thru PRBC! You are fab gurl!

And truly hope you sign up for Cooper River Bridge with us :)

I will be happy when the days get longer too. I really can't believe I am running outside no less AND in the cold!! LOL

Marilie said...

I'm definitely thinking about it! Gotta see what my budget says.

Running is about to be so ingrained in your blood, you'll be running in conditions that amaze you, once you sit back and think about it. LOL!