Monday, January 18, 2010

Product Rave: Aubrey Organics Honeysucke Rose Conditioner

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Shea Butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil; Extracts of Fennel, Hops, Balm Mint, Mistletoe, Chamomile and Magnolia; Honeysuckle Oil, Carrot Oil, Aubrey's Preservative (Citrus Seed Extract, Vitamins A, C, and E)

The girls over at Long Hair Care Forum have been raving about this product for a while. Affectionately abbreviated as AOHSR, I've read as they have extolled it's virtues, but I just tried it this evening.

This? Absolutely, positively, ridiculously GOOD and will become a staple! I can't believe I waited this long to try it! I'm not usually a fan of "floral" type scents, but it's more honeysuckle than rose, and it's not overpowering. This conditioner is so thick and creamy. As you can see, there's no water listed in the ingredients. If the top is off and you tip this over (if you're coordination-challenged like me, this is bound to happen at some point), nothing is coming out. You absolutely have to squeeze this bottle in order for it to come out.

I usually wash/conditioner wash my hair in 4 sections, using butterfly clips to hold the sections apart. I worked a generous amount into each section, then took care of the rest of my shower duties. When I went to detangle the back right section, working from the ends of my hair towards the roots, the comb just slid through like BUTTAH. Minimal shed hair lost. I'm in love!

I detangled all four sections and rinsed, and my hair felt so moisturized. Sometimes, after using a commercial conditioner, my hair would feel moisturized while still damp, but as it dried it didn't feel the same. Not the case with AOHSR. I can't wait to see what it feels like in the morning when I take out these flat twists! I am going to use this to deep condition as well - I will add it to the coconut milk/olive oil/honey mixture to help with slip.

I am definitely going to try some more of the Aubrey Organics products, as this was a great introduction to that line. It's all natural, no synthetic ingredients. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and 3 snaps in a Z formation!


Serenity3-0 said...

Where did you find it?

Serenity3-0 said...

Are you ever going to tell me where you bought the conditioner? LOL

Marilie said...

Sorry girl, I forgot to check. You know you got to email or text me sometimes! LOL! I got everything at Healthy Home Market. There is one on South Blvd but there is also one in Davidson (exit 30 off of I-77 N). Really we're about equi-distant from both, but it may be easier just from your location to get to 77 N and go to the one in Davidson. That's where my friend Kenya works.