Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ride or Die, Fool!

So...we all have that one crazy friend. Well, maybe more than one, now that I think about it. They always have some kind of shenanigans going on, usually involving a guy, and they want to get you to participate with them. This morning I was talking to two of my co-workers, and we somehow got on the subject of this. Given who one of the co-workers is, this doesn't surprise me, but anywho...

I moved to Charlotte in 1999. I met several pretty cool people through my job. One was a woman named T. T was cool - she was that time I was 24. She was good friends with KappaC (yeah, the one who left me in the woods with the wild boar), and we all used to hang out together. T was dating this guy who split his time between Charlotte and Winston-Salem, due to his job. She apparently had some suspicions that he was up to no good. One night, I get a phone call:

Me: Hello
T: Hey girl, it's T.
Me: What's up?
T: Listen...I need to drive up to Winston-Salem to check on X. He told me he was gonna be doing one thing, but I think he's up to something else.
Me: OK...
T: But I don't wanna take my car. He'll recognize it, if he is home. Can we take your car? I'll drive.
Me: Um...ok....I guess? <-- getting pulled into the okie doke and don't even realize.
T: OK. I'll be at your apartment in 20 minutes. Wear black. *click*

Now, when someone tells you to wear black, you gotta know that something is a-foot. You should probably say no and decline to participate. Being the young, naive person I was at the time, I didn't think much of it. She pulls up to my house and drives us up to Winston-Salem. We get to his house and she jumps out of the car and wants me to "kill the lights" so she can peek in his garage windows to check for his car. Problem was, I was driving a 96 Chevy Corsica. At that time, the manufacturers were still working on that whole "daytime running lights" thing. So my lights would be on, even if I had the button in the "off" position. I had to figure out how to turn them off. She went straight into panic mode. LOL!

Long story short: fool wasn't home. We went up a side street and parked the car, with our dang seats leaned back like we were PIs. At any moment I expected Winston-Salem PD to roll up on us because one or two neighbors were out walking their dogs, and 2 - 3 cars ended up driving by. Finally, around 2:00am or so, she decided she was over it. I drove us back home.

Do you have any friends who try to talk you into foolishness? Have you ever called your own friends up for a "ride or die" mission? Details! Inquiring minds want to know!


KD said...

Well whoever your co-worker is she must be fun!!

Seriously though I've been there and done that one too many times. Luckily, I always had my cousins by my side, because they know they're bound by blood to ride or die with me. Good times Good(Bad) memories... That's life right?

Serenity3-0 said...

LMAO.. "Wear black" click! I have actually done some crazy shenanigans all on my own.. Remember the story of the driving up on the lawn with my bright lights on... Yeah, I would snap sometimes and would never involve anyone else b/c well I just didn't take the time to think about waiting for someone else. I was always ready to go.. Thank God I grew up! I can say that once I turned 30, I let the bad azz persona go to a certain extent. I still hold the championship in the mouth area, but I don't do anything physically. LOL

Marilie said...

@ KD - yeah, she is a barrel of fun! LMAO! Um...why are they bound by blood? That is hilarious! Did y'all make a pact??

@ Serenity - yeah, those were her last words before she hung up. Alrighty then! I'm tryna remember what I had on. She had on these cute black sandals and could not run in them so she had to take them off and put on sneakers. Those shoes were in the trunk of my car for like a month, as a reminder of that trip. I wish I could have been there for the drive up on the lawn adventure.

LOL @ holding the championship in the mouth area! My sides hurt!

doublea said...

i'm in tears!!! y would u go with her!?!??! and wear all black?!?! smh...

no, this has never happened with me. tho dee and i DID wanna take her ex's car and leave it on the side of the highway... both of us had enough sense not to do it though... lol

Tazzee said...

Wear black. *click*

That had me laughing too.

Never participated in any shenanigans like this, but I've acted out a bunch of stuff in my head, LOL.

Marilie said...

@ doublea - chile, I don't know. I didn't want her riding up there all crazy. I figured if she tried something really stupid I could be the voice of reason. This was my first "ride or die" - I truly had new clue how much really could have happened. LOL! I don't know if I believe that you've never participated...I think I need to talk to summa your friends!

@ Tazzee - I have acted out stuff in my head, too! I just have no desire to be that close to the police, unless it's a cute cop asking for my number, ya know? LOL

MrsSaditty said...

Yes! We drove around and drank(I kept buying her daiquiries too keep her mind off him) but we finally found his car at a by-the-hour motel once we were VERY drunk. They didn't answer the knocks at the door (duuuuh!), it was getting to be the next day, and she knew he would deny being there. We decided to Jack the car up and take one of the back tires, stranding him (forgetting about the spare). Needless to say, we shouldve worn black. By the time we finished, we were tired, filthy, and drunk.
....and yes, she took him back.

Marilie said...

@MrsSaditty - oh lawd, y'all went on the ride or die mission for nuthin'! Definitely needed to wear black for that mission. Did she have the key to get in his trunk to take the spare? I'm just sayin'. LOL