Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's going on, Bloggers?

Sorry to have been MIA. And this post is going to be a mish-mash of a lot of random stuff, so bare with me. :)

I'm sure, by now, everyone is aware of the buzz surrounding Chris Rock's new movie, "Good Hair." I really was debating as to whether or not I'd even go see it. My Natural Hair Meet Up group was going to go see it over the weekend, but Charlotte wasn't one of the cities that got the limited release. We've rescheduled for next weekend, and I tentatively said I'd go.

The hair boards are all a-buzz with the chatter about this movie. Some women think that it will open up diaolgue, and the appreciate Chris' humerous approach. Others straight up said they feel that Black women are being clowned - they are definitely not happy with the movie.

I think I posted about a guy I used to date in Atlanta. When he met me, I had natural hair...I guess he figured he'd try to work around it. A few months in to the relationship, it'd be little random suggestions, "can you wear your hair like this?" or, "do you ever straighten your hair?" ETC. I tried to be patient, but eventually I had to just flat out cuss him out about this issue, chunk the deuces and tell him to pound sand (we didn't just part over this issue, although this was a big factor). I mean, he was going bald - I never told him to get Rogaine. Men are so dumb. Anywho...I was at the rink on Sunday night, and I get a text message from him. He saw the movie and said he apologized for any hair comment he ever made. I just replied with "wow" and told him I hadn't seen it yet. He said his whole perspective changed...I doubt that. But at least it got him thinking. So now I kinda want to see it to see what got into him.

I can't remember if I posted that both my Achilles' tendons have been sore and achy for a few weeks now. I went to the sports medicine doc this morning and have been officially diagnosed with tendonitis. I have to go for a physical therapy evaluation/treatment next Tuesday, and he has given me an Rx for two anti-inflammatory drugs, one of which is a patch to apply to my heels at night. I also need to put some heel inserts into my sneakers. Two friends on FB have suggested some natural remedies...I may look in to them if the Rx prices are out of control. So, I'm not sure about rebounding right now. I will see what the therapist says, as far as what I can do and what I need to avoid for the time being.

I had a friend who was really going through some changes. Last week she emailed me and was really down. So I decided to get the workbook that Serenity has referenced in several of her posts lately. It's called Woman After God's Own Heart. It's actually a video series, but you don't need the video to use the workbook. While I was browsing the website, I also saw Breaking the Worry Habit...Forever! I know I am a constant worrier, and that's something I need to work on. I got the book for my friend and for myself. I'm still working on the first five books of the Bible (currently in Exodus), so I'm trying to work in time to read both.

I talked to my dad for about an hour last night. I was telling him about how my friend Kristen's dad passed away the other week. He asked me what kind of cancer it was...and was telling me the doctors had initially been concerned about his cancer spreading to his kidney, but he is in the clear for that. He has another scan appointment coming up soon to make sure the cancer has not come back/spread. I think the doctor is concerned because he's not gaining weight, and has lost a couple of pounds. But I think that's mostly because he's still trying to eat like he has his whole stomach. He gets too full and he can't hold the food down. The doc told him to drink Ensure for breakfast and dinner, and have a nice lunch...but I know him. And he said, "I wanna eat some real food!" :lol: I just need him to follow directions. Anyway, so far so good, and we are just waiting on him to have the next scan. :)

Last night, I attended a wine tasting class at Trader Joe's - it was all about Italian wines. I forgot to sign up and all the classes are full, but a friend's stepdad decided he doesn't want to attend, so I went in his place. I am also going to attend a Sparking Wine class on 11/16, and then one on Pinot Noir on 11/23. I'm trying to broaden my horizons, get out of the house, and do something different.

OK...I think that's it and enough for one post. Hope everyone is doing well!


Serenity3-0 said...

I just ordered another daily devotional thing. It's not a workbook, but my reading partner suggested it. The name escapees me now, but its by Joyce Meyer. I hope it's short enough for me to do it and still do all of my school reading and the reading for my church classes. I'm hoping we'll have fun friday night and everyone will forget their worries.

Marilie said...

I need to have some kind of fun, 'cause allegedly I'm running a 15K that next morning. LOL! I guess I need to go register for the race tomorrow. Part of me is hoping I missed the deadline.