Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's Hair Style

This didn't come out like I thought it would, but not too bad. I need to tweak the back a bit. I wish I could find a flat twist style that I could put in and just leave in for a week. I'm kinda tired of messing with my hair right now. But I will not cut it!

Another memory story about those earrings - true 80s relics. My sister bought those - one side is a teal pig, and the other earring says "OINK." I used to have a pair that was a cat and then "MEOW." I think the cat is still here somewhere, but MEOW broke and is missing in action. I didn't wear those to work today - just threw them on 'cause I saw them this morning in my jewelry box and it made me laugh.

OK, I think I've bored you enough with pics. Last night I combed out so much shed hair. At least it was shed hair and not breakage, but still. I might be time for the Alter Ego Garlic Treatment. It's supposed to help reduce shedding.


This One Woman said...

You do such a good job with your hair. That style is too cute. I haven't ventured into protective styling yet for fear that I would end up looking like my girl Miss Celie.

Marilie said...

Thanks! GIrl, I have had Miss Celie moments...where I feel like pointing at folks and saying, "everythang you do!" Those styles, I don't wear outta the house. LOL!

This just made me think of a style I used to do two years ago...I might have to try it this weekend. If it works I will post a pic. It was some individual twists in the back and flat twists in the front.

Serenity3-0 said...

I think it's cute too. Oh and U know i love the shirt. LOL! I was going to ask why u don't do individual twists as a protective style?

Marilie said...

I have a hard time getting the individual twists to stay in the front. With that hair being so straight, and then it being "trained" to be in the flat twists. I loved my twists when my hair was It's just like, "eh." I may try some this weekend, though. :)