Thursday, October 22, 2009

Musings on Relationships/Dating

Last night, after cutting up with Serenity via the world wide web, I went to the movies with NY. We went to see Law Abiding Citizen. The critics HATED it, but it kept me entertained. The carnage was a bit much for my tastes, but past that, I was intrigued with how they were going to stop this guy.

Anywho, before we went to the movies, we had a quick bite at Wild Wing Cafe, where some interesting karaoke was going on. We both had worked out and needed to get a little bit of food. He kept telling me about how he was thinking about me all week, and was so glad that we got a chance to hang out. I just sort of smiled. He's really not a bad person, he's not unfortunate looking, but there really isn't any spark. I guess I keep going to see if one will ever light up?

When we got to the theater, it was a late show, so we had to purchase our tickets inside, at the concession counter. He told the woman working there that we were going to see the 9:55 show. He handed her his debit card and she said, "one ticket or two?" We both laughed, and were like, "what??" She said that she always asks now, because she's been in situations where she assumed the guy was paying for both and rang him up for both, when he only meant to pay for one ticket. NY says, "well I'm old mom taught me that if I take a lady out, I need to take care of the evening." He almost seemed to be in disbelief, when the employee and I were discussing the fact that lots of times, people go dutch.

Ladies - how do you feel about this? Do you go dutch? Or should he pay if he asked you out? And I'm not talking about someone you've been in a relationship with...I'm talking about the actual, early "dating" phase, when you're just trying to get to know one another. Do you absolutely expect him to pay 100% of the time? Do you make a half hearted offer to pay, because you know he's going to tell you to put your money away? Or when the bill comes, do you side eye him and raise your eye brown a la The Rock and think, "I hope he doesn't think I'm about to pay for this??" :lol:

An inquiring mind wants to know.


Serenity3-0 said...

I don't do any side eyes, well at least I hope not. But I do expect a man to pay. Why? B/c he's courting me. I'm not courting him. If I wanted to pay, I'd go out with you or one of my other friends or people i actually know and like already. Why would I spend money to potentially find out he's full of ish? Naw. Now if he only pays for himself, I won't make a big deal, I'll pay and he'll never see me again in life except if he runs into me somewhere and he betetr hope I haven't had a drink b/c then I'll tell him how he has no home training.. LOL.

Marilie said...

I totally agree...LOL! And I believe you have side eye'd, you just don't know it. LOL!

Tazzee said...

co-sign Serenity. I'm always ready to pay, but if I do then that's the last date.

And now that I'm in a relationship, we never split anything. It may be that he'll pay for dinner and I'll pay for the movie. But we never throw down both our debit cards to pay - just seems disjointed to me...