Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Recap

Happy Monday, Bloggers!

This weekend was not too bad. I worked out on Friday and then took it on home to the crib. I was feeling tired and I just wanted to veg for a bit. I promised a co-worker/friend that I'd go out with her on Saturday night, so I figured I'd just chill. Now, the last time I went out with her was last Thursday, and that chick had me out until 3:00 a.m. I already told her we were setting a time limit, and I meant it!

Saturday morning I got up for our 6 mile run. I must have had my Wheaties that morning, because I took off for the last 3 miles and finished about 4 minutes ahead of my running buddies. I was just ready to get done. It was starting to rain, and I was DRENCHED the last 1.5 miles. Drenched. I mean, the coconut oil I had put in my hair the night before had dripped down my face. I had to keep wiping my eyes. It rained HARD. Afterwards, I went to Trader Joe's and got some apples, bananas, and some frozen fruit for strawberries. I am not happy with the 9 lbs I've gained. I know some of it is muscle, but not all of it is. I'm on a self imposed ban from cookies and those types of sweets, for the next few weeks. Pray for me.

After I got home from my run, I washed and deep conditioned my hair. Then I did some cleaning around the apartment. At this point, I am talking myself out of going out that night. The person I was going to hang out with (she needs a nickname, I will come up with one) is really nice, and she's sweet. SHe's 29, and sort of "going through" - she's separated from her hubby (he cheated on her). So now she's on this kick to just meet someone, and we keep trying to tell her to slow down, to no avail. So going out with her is interesting, to say the least. But I said I was going to get out and do more. She sent me a text to make sure I was going. I told her my entire body hurt, and I really didn't feel like going...but then she begged and I relented. I told myself, I would just be open to the events of the night and try to have fun.

She came to get me around 9:00. Everyone who knows me knows I HATE parking uptown. If you want me to go, the best bet is for you to drive and I'll help you pay for parking. :lol: We went to this spot called Cosmos, and had some martinis. Nothing was really going on there, so we walked back down to the EpiCenter. This is a new entertainment area they just built in Uptown Charlotte. Restaurants, bars, etc. It really doesn't cater to "us" per se, but still lots of things to do.

I'm a lightweight, so the one martini I had at Cosmos is kicking in, and I told her I needed something to eat. We ended up going to Wild Wing Cafe. Where a 70 year old cowboy, dressed in all black, decided to hit on us. Comedy! Not to mention all the half dressed college chicks. They had a Halloween party this weekend, and I swear most of them came dressed as Playboy bunnies. I was trying to get a picture of this group of girls but the flash on the Blackberry is too bright! So much for being incognegro.

After I got my wings, we decided to go back to Black Finn - this is the place we were at the week before. I wondered why the line was so long, and I realized these fools were charging a cover charge! Um, no. But she wanted to go, so she said, I'll just pay it. OK - suit yourself! We get inside and it's jammed packed. We're like sardines. When they DO play good music, you barely have room enough to move. At one point, we move closer to the DJ booth and I see this guy. Bald head, handsome...but I keep stealing glances at him, because he looks white, but I can't really tell. Yes, that's how bored I was, that I was sitting there trying to figure out if this dude was white.

We kept getting jostled into him because of the crowd. He was just kind of standing there...nursing his drink, and then he left for a little while. But then he ultimately made his way back. My co-worker asked me if he was a bouncer, and I told her I didn't think so. Being the person that she is, of course she asked him. That started the conversation. He told us he had just moved up from FL not too long ago, and this was his first time trying to head out on the town in Charlotte. I could tell he was a little bit older, and probably not wanting to be there with all those dayum college kids. Neither did I! I felt his pain.

Co-worker decided that she was hungry, and wanted Fuel Pizza. So we invited our new friend to walk down the street to the pizza place with us. We got to the pizza place and now I could see him in the light. He actually reminds me of KC, but taller. He told us he was 46...he really does NOT look it. I was thinking, here we go with the folks in their mid-40s. Where are the 34 - 38 year olds??

Florida paid for our pizza and drinks and we sat down to chat. I swear we sat there talking for at least an hour or more. I was telling him about a wine tasting/jazz spot that Serenity told me about, because he mentioned he liked jazz. I could not remember the name of the place, so I told him I'd let him know. He gave us his number and I asked him for his last name (y'all know I got to Google folks). So he gave it to us, and co-worker asked him to repeat it, since it was a foreign name and she couldn't quite catch it. That's when he said he was Nigerian and something Latino (I cannot remember for the life of me), and I was like BINGO! I leaned over and told him, "I knew it!" and we just started know how when you are sharing the inside joke with your "colored" friends...LOL!

Once again, Co-worker had kept me out until 3:00 a.m., BUT I've forgiven her for this, because now I may have a new friend. :) Seriously, he seemed really cool and I think I could just actually hang out with him, and that be it. So, we'll see.

I think I got home and got to bed around 3:30, and dragged myself out of bed at 7:15 so I could meet the girls for our 3 mile recovery run at 8:00. We enjoyed our usual ritual of Cracker Barrel after the run, and then I took it to the crib. Co-worker had invited me to the Panthers game, and another friend invited me to go to the hot air balloon festival with her, but I could not muster up the energy for either one. I didn't even go skating last night. I know, right? That didn't stop NY from calling to see if I was going to the skate jam in SC. I told him I was not, and that I was not going to be at the rink next week, either (Mint Condition concert - whoo hooo!). That fool had the nerve to ask me if I had a date for the concert.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?


Serenity3-0 said...

I'm laughing so hard at the inside colored jokes! LOL. Insert that photo of the Negros Frowning! LOL

Marilie said...

Well, girl it was an inside joke. I didn't say it out loud 'cause you know Whitey McWhitey woulda been like, "what?" Then I would have had to literally explain...not going through all that! LOL

Tazzee said...

You are a trooper for real! There is no way I could have gone to bed at 3:30 then back up at 7:00 to run. You go!!!

I guess you need to just settle in and like the old men because they seem drawn to you, LOL.

Marilie said...

I've sorta gotten addicted to the running now. I had planned to go today, then remembered I had physical therapy, and it was raining. So we are going to go tomorrow. But I feel weird sitting at home right now.

LOL @ settle in and liking the old men! We'll see. :)