Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis The Season...But Not For Me

I haven't celebrated Christmas since 2007. I didn't do much in 2008 because I had just moved into my apartment, and I had thrown my tree out because it was broken. And I just frankly wasn't in the "spirit" of Christmas. I was still very hurt and upset over everything that went down with E. Wanted no parts of it.

Then in 2009, I met Roll Bounce. I've talked about him before. Anywho, he asked me one day at the skating rink if I went to church. I told him I did not, because while I believe in God, there's just too much foolery going on in the churches. Stuff I've seen up close and personal, and just frankly don't want to be bothered with. Not to mention, I just never felt totally comfortable in church anyway.

So, he started telling me about Siniatic congregation he attended. They speak Hebrew, and really concentrate on studying what it says in the Bible (especially the Old Testament)- no more, no less. No extra interpretation, etc. He told me how he initially was a 7th Day Adventist, but then someone introduced him to the Tabernacle and he's been there ever since.

Of course, I was just sitting there listening to him like, "yeah, ok." I'm not going there either, dang it. But then, he had more of my attention. Why? He started talking about all the RESEARCH he had done. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a stickler for the facts/research. I love numbers and sources and all of that.

I need to go back a moment. The Mason didn't celebrate Christmas, either. When I was dating him, I still did. He started telling me all these things about Christmas and its history and I just refused to listen to him. But it always stuck in the back of my mind. I refused to research it then, because I didn't want him to be right.

So, when RB started talking to me and giving me some things to look up - both in the Bible and throughout history - it started to jibe with what The Mason had said. Well, dang. I did not want that fool to be correct. But it turns out he was. Ugh!

I'm not going to get into all the details here, but if you want some things to look up, start looking at the history of the Christmas tree. Or start combing through the Bible for specific references to the date of Christ's birth. Or you can just read here.

I spent a lot of years just doing things because, "that's how we always did them." I never questioned the reasons or the origins of anything. Don't get me wrong - I'll always have warm memories of the times I spent with my family during the Christmas holiday. Honestly, our focus was not on the religious aspect of the holiday, anyway. It's just not for me anymore.

I don't write this to try and come down on anybody who celebrates the holiday. We all have our own beliefs, and we have to do what's best for us. This is just what I choose to do for me. I know a lot of people seem put off when I tell them I don't celebrate Christmas. They assume I'm Muslim now, or who knows what.

This is just me. And Lord knows I am NOT perfect. So, now you have a little deeper glimpse into how I think.

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