Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Messiness

Dear Messiness:

I have seen a lot of you over the past 2 weeks. First, you pop up as a crazy chick spending way too much time worrying about what's going on with me and LDR. She called herself wanting to tell me about somebody that LDR talked to briefly IN THE PAST, that we both know and speak with now. We're all cool. It was in the past, not a serious relationship, and we all have our own lives. So...exactly what did you do by revealing that info - that I already knew, other than make us laugh at you and officially check you off on the list as certifiable?

This afternoon, Messiness, you made two appearances. First, in the form of a co-worker who just FINALLY realized, that another co-worker has been smiling in his face, but talking smack behind his back. Um...if she spent so much time talking to you about others, why wouldn't you think she was talking about you TO others? Oh well, I tried to break it down to him so that it could forever and consistently be broken. Maybe he listened. But probably not. My guess is that he will let you jump all into the middle of the situation. I wash my hands of it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: we're here to do a job. We don't have to be friends. We don't even have to speak outside of hi and bye. You gotta know who to exchange pleasantries with vs. who you can talk to. That last group of people is very small. Sometimes it doesn't exist at all.

The second appearance involved a complete IDIOT disparaging the mother of his child via his blog. Really, dude? Really? So...what are you going to do when your child gets older, and is able to Google and see this mess? And really, you're going to put somebody's FULL GOVERNMENT NAME out there for the world to see? And their job info? I just can't. If that wasn't the Spirit of Messiness Past taking over someone's body, I don't know what is. Just sad. What kind of example are you really setting? Not to mention, you've really just made yourself look like an azz, in an attempt to make her look like one. Good job! Messy begets messy, but I hope she stays on the high road.

Verily I say unto you, Messiness: GET THEE BEHIND ME! I don't wanna see you no more this week or this month. Shoot, I don't wanna see you for the next calendar year! I've done my best to remove some of your influences from my life, but it's inevitable that you'll pop back up. But I just simply CANNOT with you. Stress is not good for the health. I don't need any more gray hairs or facial wrinkles from the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot frown that comes with you. GO AWAY.

That is all.




Anonymous said...

Seriously. My head hurts from today's messy.

Marilie said...

Sounds like a trip to Starbucks is in order. :)