Monday, December 6, 2010

Back on the Grind

This morning was my first morning workout in quite a while. Probably since early October, at least. I did work out a few times while I was home, but all of that was negated with LDR feeding me biscuits/eggs/turkey bacon/grits with cheese/etc every morning when he got home from work. We won't even get into the snack food.

Needless to say, I need to get back on the grind. I refuse to wait until January 1 to do it. So this morning, I struggled got out of bed at 5:00am, and made my way to the small gym at my job for a morning work out. I got here later than I expected, so in turn I got to my desk later than I expected. None the less, I got my elliptical work out in.

I had some slight pain in my left knee, but I wore the ACE bandage brace, and that seemed to keep it in check. Tomorrow, I would like to try and alternate walking/jogging on the treadmill, but that might be a smidge ambitious. I'll stop if I feel any significant pain.

I'm also looking into joining Lifestyle Family Fitness here in Charlotte. I looked into the Gold's in Cornelius, but I didn't hear any favorable reviews from people I know. That, coupled with the fact that I'd have to fight rush hour traffic to get there, meant that was not an option. I really enjoyed my workouts in NY. Although I didn't need the gym when I was running regularly, I miss that atmosphere. I really enjoyed the classes I took with LDR, and I want something like that here.

I really miss running. This weekend is the annual Thunder Road 5K/half marathon/marathon. This is the one I ran last December. I really, really, really was looking forward to running it this year. I was psyched to beat my time from last year. Then I got sidelined with the plantar fasciitis. I've been dealing with the PF since June. JUNE. I can't even explain to you how sad I am that I won't be running on Saturday. :(

What's your fitness plan? Do you have any specific goals you're trying to reach? Are you a member of a gym? What keeps you motivated, when really you just want to sit on the couch and eat a cookie? Or maybe that's just me who wants to sit on the couch and eat Wegmans cookies... :lol:


MzInspiredMind81 said...

I had a doctor appointment this morning. When I found out my weight, I teared up. When I tell people how much I weigh, they NEVER believe me, but I see the scale. I see the pants that fit a little to tight. I am going to start walking on my lunch hour and also doing EA Active 3x a week(My mom got it for me for Xmas). I'd like to lose 11lbs. Starting this new season of my life (my 30s) is all the motivation I need. I'm determined to be like fine wine...just get better w/ age. #Owww lol.

Marilie said...

You can do it! I will check in with you periodically to see how it's going. Walking will do the trick - it doesn't always have to be running.

I'd be happy to say goodbye to about 13 pounds myself. I really just don't want to gain anymore. I can't fit my pants from last year, but I know that was because of half marathon training. At this point, I want to stay in my size 8 and be comfy.

Monique said...

I hate getting on the scale now but my plan is to up my workout to 5 times a week. I'm going to have to get up 30 minutes to get it in. Now that I have Zumba for my Wii, I can actually enjoy working out and dance my weight off.

Marilie said...

Zumba is a GREAT workout. I take a Cardio Funk class 2-3 times per week right now. I'll be working that in as well.

Just tell yourself that one of the many benefits of getting up early to work out is an increased metabolism throughout the day. :)