Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Ready for 2011

I don't make "resolutions." I never really have. I think about things that I want to do, figure out what I need to do, and then make the plans accordingly. I have some friends who are really detailed about what they are going to do. They journal, make vision boards, and sometimes blog about their plans. I like to read and then watch them accomplish what they set out to do.

Me, personally? I don't do all of that. I already know what I need to do next year, and it revolves around 2 things: my finances and my fitness. I've already met with the financial planner to get the ball rolling. As soon as my physical therapy eval is done today, I'll have a better idea of what types of work outs I can do over the next week. I've already done my research about alkaline diets. As much as it pains me to give up my beloved sweet tooth, I will have to drastically cut back.

So, those are the things I'll be working on for next year. We have our family reunion in July (on my mom's side), and I think we're going to try and take my mom on a cruise. She doesn't know that yet. :) The problem is, figuring out which cruise, how long to go, etc. She's always wanted to go to Hawaii, but with her back problems, I can't forsee her making it through the 8+ hour flight to get there. I really wish she could. We could get a travel agent to plan it for us.

My biggest wish for 2011 is for LDR to get his job transfer here. Good employers are hard to come by, so we both would rather he get a transfer, then have to start all over somewhere else. We're just gonna keep hope alive on that one.

So how do you get ready for the next calendar year? Are you very detail-oriented, or do you go with the flow? Or somewhere in the middle?


MzInspiredMind81 said...

Every year around this time, I get SUPER detail oriented. I make "goals" for the coming year, I journal a LOT and I do a vision board. This year I've also stumbled upon the #31dayreset(geesh, I LOVE twitter!) and that's making things even clearer as to what I need to do in 2011 to accomplish both short term and long term goals.

Anonymous said...

I've never been one to make NY resolutions, but this year I have some goals I really want to accomplish. One of them has been there for years - the smoking thing - and others are new (13.1, yeah!). I don't make vision boards or any of that, but now I'm thinking maybe I should. That way I could have a reminder and not abandon myself in the first week as I tend to do.

Neev said...

Move,change jobs, save 7k+, start exercising more, clean up credit.

I'm putting my finishing touches on my 2011 budget-6 month, rearranging direct deposits, opening "you better not touch" accounts.

I wanted to go to St Lucia for the Jazz fest, but that is not looking good, so the money I planned on saving for that will be used for a family vacation in the summer or for St Lucia in 2012.

Marilie said...

MzInspiredMind - work it out, I'll be checking on you! :)

Savedbythebrew - OMG, if I wasn't all crippled I'd tell you I'd run it with you! I'm not sure when I'll be able to start training again. Which half are you thinking about? One day I'll have to get down there to run the Peachtree Road Race.

Neev, you can get it done. Especially now that you have BBJ to help out. I have faith in you1 :)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea which half...I'm thinking it would be fun to do one that isn't in GA and then I can take a little trip that weekend. Although I'm not sure I'd want to do much of anything after 13.1! I've never done the Peachtree and honestly have no desire. I know I should just to say I've done it, but just have no desire really...all the people, the heat of July, the people!!!

I wish you could get healed up so you could run it with me! I do sooo much better with these things when I'm not doing them by myself. Accountability is real!

Marilie said...

You could always run more the one...like do one at the end of the year, and then I'd probably be ready by then. I'm just sayin'! LOL :)

Ieisha said...

I don't make resolutions because my new year starts on my birthday. That's how I gauge things from year to year. I started doing vision boards because, well, I'm visual. I've started on my goals last month although I haven't redone my vision board. I was waiting for law school to be done. Now it's on and popping! Lol.

Marilie said...

Congrats on finishing law school! I know you are excited, and I'm sure your vision board will be full of promise. :)