Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, it's been pretty sad over here in this corner, for about a month or so. Earlier this afternoon, I read this, and decided that I needed some "happy" in my life. So, here's my list:

Things That Make ME Happy (in no particular order):

  1. Being with all my siblings

  2. Big hugs from my nephew Khari

  3. My mom's feigned incredulity at the fact that I drank the rest of her tea (I do this EVERY time I'm home. Every time. LOL)

  4. Giggle fits with LDR

  5. Meeting/exceeding goals

  6. Wegmans shortbread cookies

  7. Starbucks

  8. Looking at old photos of my family, before I was born

  9. My hair

  10. The GEICO "jackwagon" commercial

  11. A clean, de-cluttered apartment

  12. Being Erica (when I remember to watch it)

  13. "Meeting" new folks on Twitter

  14. Rainbows

  15. Playing Phase 10

  16. Scalp massages

  17. FBP's posts, and the responses to them

  18. Making a list, and then checking off everything as "done"

  19. Running (when I'm not hurt)

  20. Breaking out old photo albums every time we go home, and laughing with my sisters like we're seeing the pics for the first time

  21. Glee

  22. Family Guy

  23. The funny things that people's kids say

  24. Finding crazy photos on google

  25. Laughing until my stomach hurts

  26. Exercise

  27. Vegging out on my loveseat

  28. Old school cartoons

  29. Morningstar riblets

  30. Spongebob Squarepants

  31. iCarly

  32. When LDR makes breakfast and the turkey bacon is perfectly crispy

  33. "Scrooged" (the Bill Murray movie)

  34. Learning something new

  35. Old school music

  36. Roller skating to old school music

  37. Making it through a week without incurring a new injury

  38. Recognizing that I'm getting more like my parents every year

  39. Thinking about the future

  40. Reading

  41. Playing word games

  42. Solving puzzles

  43. Cuddling with LDR

  44. Watching my nieces and nephews play together

  45. Smooth road trips

  46. Shoes!

I'm sure I could think of more. But the list has accomplished it's purpose - I'm in a better mood now. :)

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MzInspiredMind81 said...

Yay!!!! I need to do some sort of post myself.