Saturday, November 6, 2010

Heading Home

If you've been reading, you know I just got home on Tuesday, from a trip to NY for my grandmother's funeral. The same day I got home, is the same day my dad went into the hospital. He was going in to have some fluid drained, but then some complications arose, and they decided to admit him. He was in ICU, but was moved to a regular room yesterday.

In any event, he is not doing that well. I really just want to be home so I can see him, and help my brothers out in any way I can. Right now, it's just not feasible for me to take FMLA, because it's unpaid leave. One day, my finances will be in better order for that. But anywho...

My supervisor actually asked me a few days ago if I wanted to take my token and work from NY. Unfortunately, IT has not been able to get my remote connection working properly, because they are retarded unable to figure out why my laptop and my desktop won't connect. They keep saying it's because the desk top is not on, but I leave it on every night. I shut down and restart, or I simply choose "log off." Either way, the crap ain't working. ::side eye::

I remembered that we have an office in my home town. On a whim, I sent my supervisor a BBIM today and asked her if I could work in that office for the next couple of weeks. I expected that maybe she'd let me know the deal on Monday, but she responded within a couple of hours and said that our operations manager told her we could make it happen, and that I should go on and go. She'd just get with me later on the details.

Insert tears of joy here.

I've been running around my apartment for the last few hours, packing up all my stuff and cleaning up. My friend Steph is going to house sit/cat sit while I'm gone. I'm quite sure I've overpacked, but oh well. I shoved everything I thought I would need into my biggest suitcase. Chuckle along with me as I write (and you read) that I have a completely separate bag for shoes. I know. Just work with me.

I've never driven more than 6-7 hours by myself. This trip will probably take 11 hours and some change. Just send up some prayers and traveling mercies for me. The iPod is charged up, and tomorrow morning a venti latte from Starbucks will be in my cupholder.

I'm ready to see my Daddy.


Neev said...

I'm doing my happy dance for you! If my mom can drive 18 hrs from Florida in a 96 Civic, you can make it to Syracuse! Just make sure you stop when you need to. Cat naps were my mom's best friend. Shake off your nerves and get a good night's rest! Let us know when you get home.

Marilie said...

I will definitely stop as needed. I'm about to jump in this bed. Glad we're turning the clocks back tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

Prayers on the way for a safe trip and for you dad to heal fast.

cyn said...

Glad you get to home and be with daddy.

Anonymous said...

I should have read more before commenting on the last post. I'm so glad things worked out for you to be able to go up there and spend some time with him and hope that things turn around. I'm guessing you arrived by now, so I hope you had a safe trip and will keep you all in my thoughts.