Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Observations

So, I was speaking with two different co-workers this morning. They both have young kids. The first has two kids, a son and a daughter. I always ask about her son's adventures, as he has just started kindergarten. He's excited about riding the bus, etc. Her daughter is in pre-school. We started talking about how she is potty training and how they have these little mini-toilets at the pre-school, so her daughter doesn't like to use the potty training toilet. Understandable - plop her on the big people toilet and call it a day. That's how I was when I was a baby. She started talking about how the 5 and a half year old will not poop (OK, I really couldn't think of another phrase, so we'll just go with that) at school or out in public - he always wants to wait until he gets home. OK, I can understand that - not really a problem. But THEN she said, this kid will not wipe his own butt. People with kids - help me out. At 5.5 years old, shouldn't you be wiping your own butt??? Is this normal? Should a 5 year old be pitching a hissy fit and crying if you won't wipe his butt? I could see going back to check and make sure he worked it out, but to actually have to go in and wipe his butt every time he goes? What happens when he just can't hold it and HAS to go at school? The teacher is NOT gonna wipe his butt!!
That just struck me as weird. At mean at some point, don't you just have to step in and lay down the law - I don't care if you don't want to wipe your butt, suck it up! I can't speak for sure 'cause I'm not a parent yet, but I just never heard of this.

She also fights with the daughter about clothes. Once, the daughter was going to be in a wedding, and some shoes had been bought specifically for that purpose. The daughter wanted to wear the shoes to school, and pitched a fit until she finally gave in and let her wear them. Now what were you gonna do if the shoes got ruined at school? They apparently fight with each other all the time about what the daughter is going to wear.

The second co-worker advised that her pre-school aged child does not like to get her hair done after a bath. Says she screams and cries like you are trying to scalp her. I'm like ok, do you have a little chair for her to sit in? Do you have something to make it a fun activity? Either way, how does the child get to totally dictate when it's time to get her hair done? I know they all go through that. I remember my niece D, she absolutely hated it, whined about it...but she sat her butt in that chair while her momma did her hair. I just can't see me fighting with a child to do their hair.

Anywho - people with kids, speak up! Is this all normal? It just seems like some of the stories these folks at work tell me...they spend their whole lives fighting with their kids, and I just want to know who is the kid and who is the parent? And is this what I have to look forward to, if/when I have kids? Maybe my mom was just too no-nonsense.


Serenity3-0 said...

LOL! I don't have a girl, so I can't speak on that. I do have a friend who her 3 yr old daughter would cry the whole time, but she'd still sit her azz down and get her hair done. Tyler is 7 and he ain't never told me to wipe his behind. I do make it a point when he goes to #2 to remind him to wipe really good and flush... I don't undestand why it's not common sense to flush everytime, but I still find myself reminding him. LOL.

Marilie said...

I think the flushing issue is a boy thing. LOL!

I just wanted to know if all five year olds were getting their behinds wiped. Thanks for clarifying. LOL!

Tazzee said...

Maybe he hurt his little testicles when he wiped one time and is afraid to do it. (OK, I meant that seriously but after typing it, it's kind of funny).

I have a tender scalp and I would scream bloody murder when it was time to get my hair done - but I sat there nonetheless.

Maybe parents are just afraid of Child Protective Svcs and won't lay down the smackdown.

Aisha said...

My son is 4. He had a week of fully being potty trained to learn how to wipe and he was on his own. He also has the flushing issue. I know parents have to pick their battles but I don't go for the acting a fool. Gotta nip it in the bud before they are bigger and think they are running things.

Marilie said...

@ Tazzee - yes, when I read that about the testicle I did fall out laughing. He will apparently whine and cry until she comes in for the wipe. I don't know what it's about.

@ Aisha - I think parents definitely are scared of protective services, but that's why we have all these kids running roughshod over the parents. I don't know what the happy medium is.