Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New York, New York

I'm baaaaaack. I promised to recap dinner with NY, so here we go:

Let me just say that I had mixed feelings about going. One, I was just physically TIRED and I knew I was leaving for VA the next day. I did not want to be out late, but of course, that's exactly what happened. Two, I don't have any strong initial feelings about him either way. I'm just sorta like, "eh." I decided to take pity on him since he lives on the South side (totally opposite from where I am) and he was trying to get to the gym, shower and then get way over here. So I called him and told him I'd meet some place on his side of town.

We ended up going to this place called Rafferty's. It's ok, but I hardly ever ate there when I lived on that side of town. He was late - that was strike one. I just drove 30 minutes, I'ma need you to be on TIME. He wasn't egregiously late, so I decided to let that slide...

I give him the once over before we get taken to our table. Not least we know he knows how to clean it up, and it's certainly refreshing to see him when he's NOT sweating. LOL! We sit down and he starts talking my head off and asking me all kinds of questions. He tells me I look different than when he sees me at the rink, blah blah blah. We order our food and discuss the Sk8-a-Thon in ATL...the one that everyone keeps trying to get me to go to at the last minute. I tell him what I know about the rinks down there. It was nice conversation, for the most part.

Strike two was that his dayum cell phone kept ringing. And he kept answering! A cousin, a niece and his brother. I'm gonna let him slide on the convo with his brother 'cause it was his brother's birthday, but the other two? Nah, playa! Hang up the phone! So every time he picked up that phone I posted an update on FB from my Blackberry. I needed to have documentation 'cause I knew folks might not believe me.

Yet another strike against him is his age. I found out he's 48. Dude, can you even get a leg up? (well, I guess so since he does skate. But still.) You are out of the realm of having babies. Your son is in his 20s. Stop it. You knew I was 34 before I knew you were 48 - you shoulda stopped right then! Well, I guess I can't really complain about this, because Smooth just turned 46 on Saturday. It just seems like 48is pretty much 50. I don't know where all the eligible 34 - 39 year olds are, but they apparently keep passing me by. I must have some type of pheromone that only attracts people in their 40s...did I mention that RB is 43?

Anywho, we did end up having drinks after dinner (translation - I drank one beer). All in all, not a completely horrible person, but I believe he is doomed for the FriendZone. At 48, you oughta know better than to be answering your cell phone at dinner, unless it's a daggone emergency. Do better! I just didn't feel any type of spark. Of course, he called before I left town to wish me a safe trip, and then yesterday evening to see if I made it back safely. Why is it always the ones you don't have great interest in, seem to be the most interested in you, and put forth the most effort? Go figure.


Serenity3-0 said...

When you said 48, my mind immediately flipped to 50! I get annoyed at people answering the phone. I put mine on silent and periodically look at it to make sure it's not my kid.. Other than that I try not to be rude and that's saying a lot b/c I'm the queen of FB, twitter, etc. That friend box is getting bigger and bigger... Might need to dump some of them friends out. LOL..

Marilie said...

The friend box overfloweth. LOL! I put my phone on silent as well, and check it periodically. My mom has been known to just call me at random times (like a few weeks ago at 5:00 a.m.!!), and with my grandma in the nursing home and my dad recovering from cancer, I will answer if it's her. Other than that, everybody else goes to VM. He kept apologizing, but I kept thinking, why do you keep answering??

Tazzee said...

I also immediately thought 50 and 50 is OLD, LOL.

OK, late would have had my blood simmering but answering that phone would have had my blood BOILING!!! Unless I'm expecting a call, my phone goes on silent and stays in my purse. If I am expecting a call, I let my date know that before hand...

The ones that are most interested in you and put forth all that effort are single for a reason... NY - because he's married to his cell phone, LOL

Marilie said...

Tazzee, you just may be on point with that last part! 50 IS old. Especially when I'm 34 and in my prime. LOL!